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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Business

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This is the best way to gain more benefits and profits from your business. If you wish to make yourself stand in a better place in your small business, then you have to consider how and where you are marketing your small business. You should focus on the marketing strategies you are preparing to use for developing your business. Mobile phones have now become part and parcel of every human life. People prefer to look on their smartphones now for anything they want to know about.

That too mainly for shopping needs and to know about their nearby business services, they search information on their smartphones. Google search on mobile phones is greater than the same done through computers. Mobile users are increasing gradually. Make your business mobile friendly and you are halfway done. Here are some better ways to focus on the best mobile marketing strategies to develop your small business.

1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Try to create a mobile friendly website. Websites are the mirror of your business. A website can convey people what exactly your business is about. If your business website is not compatible with mobile phones or the resolution is not clear, then the visitors may prefer to go for another competitor who provides better mobile friendly service. So, take care to provide a mobile compatible website to attract more customers to your business.

You run the risk of falling for this trap:

  1. You get less traffic to your blog mobile usage is increasing, which could mean that you are losing 20% to 50% of your potential visitors to your blog.
  2. You have fewer people signing up for your email list: Without mobile-friendly website email opt-in forms new visitors will abandon your site in frustration, rather than signing up for your mailing list.
  3. Potential Readers Lost Forever: Gomez’s study was found that 46% of mobile users will not return to a site if it is difficult to access from their smartphones. First impressions are crucial.

2. Customer’s Feedback

Customer feedback is a strong pillar to maintain good identity for any businesses. Every businesses has their few or more loyal customer to take your business in great direction. But in return what we can do for their effort, we can show our appreciation for them. So every business should come up with to take customer’s feedback and share with your target audience on social media. For feedback you can create customer’s videos with using Intro video maker and Outro video maker to visualize effectively.      

3. Have Your Business Reachable To Visitors

If people are looking for a particular product or service, then they could be able to find you. To achieve this, you can try to be a part of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook  and the latest social networking giant Google+ etc. so that people can easily know about you and reach you faster.

4. Prefer SMS Marketing

A marketing funnel is a strategy that aims to attract the most people possible to your company and to get them to take action by purchasing or subscribing to your service. It consists of a series steps. These “steps”, also called stages, refer to how exposed your potential leads are to your company and what your offer. This helps to determine how close potential leads are to purchasing your products and what information they may need to do so.

This is one of the widely used marketing communications strategies. You may have to get permission from the corresponding people before you reach them through SMS but once you manage to do it, then you can attract them through the right kind of messages about your small business.

5. Include QR Codes

Quick Response or QR code is the simple way to make the visitors visit your website. Include QR codes in leaflets, magazines, business cards or wherever possible where you are advertising about your business. Nowadays, the majority of smartphones allow users to scan QR codes using a scanner, which can be downloaded as an app directly to their smartphone. Once the QR code is scanned, it will take the visitors to your official website page or to a specific product page; however you have designed your QR code to work.

6. Come with a Mobile App for Your Business

The mobile app industry is rapidly increasing in the digital world. You could argue that the popularity and penetration of mobile apps in our daily lives are growing rapidly than the Internet. As a result, the demand for mobile applications is seemingly at an all-time high. This is especially true for every businesses both large, average and small scale. In fact, approximately 35% of average-scale businesses currently have a mobile app. An approx 24% of small business owners plan to build an app in the future.

People may get bored of manually entering your website through search engines again and again. The wise way is to come up with a mobile app for your business, so that the users can download it onto their smartphone and use the same whenever they want to visit your website. The app should provide all the necessary details about your business.

7. Make Use of Mobile Directories

Mobile directories help business owners by providing information about their business in their directory list. Get in touch with some of the popular mobile directories and make your business information available on their directory to reach the customers of mobile directories.

8. Use Advertising Programs

Many programs like pay per click or pay for reading an advertisement mail are available nowadays. The websites pay their visitors to go through an ad that they send to their mail account. Try to be a part of it and your business information would be sent as an ad to the users. Thereby, the users come to know about your business. It is one another popular mobile marketing strategy that is in use today. Since the visitors are also benefited by getting cash payments for reading an ad, this marketing strategy gained so much attention nowadays.

9. Try In-Game Mobile Marketing

This simply refers to mobile ads that will appear below the mobile games. Your ads can sometimes appear below the game, pop-ups, video advertisements etc. There are various advertising networks providing mobile advertisements. 

Three things are necessary to market your game using paid advertisement campaigns.

Target Market

Understanding your target audience is the foundation of any marketing strategy. This is also true for marketing a mobile app.

Developers can’t simply target mobile gamers as a whole because that’s a very large and diverse group of people. You need to be more specific than this.

The game’s genre and specific features will determine the market the game is available in.

Player Motivations

It is helpful to list the main features of your game. A simple, casual match-3 puzzle game that is easy to play with decor meta elements and design. This alone will tell you a lot about the type of gamers you should target.

It’s casual gamers, puzzle players, and gamers who are interested in design and décor.

Player Archetypes

According to player motivations, Game Refinery identified eight player archetypes. This will help you understand your target audience and reduce the size of your advertising campaigns. This will be useful when creating ads or running campaigns.

10. Track Your Results

You can follow any number of mobile marketing strategies to develop your business, but it is nothing less important to track your results to know how your strategies work.

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