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Top 10 Most Popular PS2 Games in 2020

PS2 or PlayStation 2 is a game console that was very popular in India in the early to mid-2000s. Even though this console has been discontinued, the names of the best games ever made for the PS2 certainly can’t be forgotten. Some PS2 games are even considered capable of bringing big changes to the world of video games.

In the following article, tech tanker will present a list of the ten most popular game titles on the PlayStation 2. This list is based on the total number of sales of these game titles as of the date of this article. Without further ado, here’s the list:

  1. God of War


There’s nothing more exciting than playing a fantasy adventure game set in a beautiful setting, full of fantastic monsters and interesting characters to play. Coupled with the pretty artistic graphics at that time, these reasons made God of War one of the most popular PS2 games.


This game is presented in the third person, where you control the main character named Kratos. Kratos has a powerful weapon called the Blades of Chaos which he uses to eradicate legendary monsters like Hydra and Cerberus.


  1. Kingdom Hearts


Until now, the Kingdom Hearts series may be considered one of the reasons people buy the PlayStation 2 console. The popularity of this game is so high around the world because it is supported by a unique story, where you play with Japanese Final Fantasy characters and also several characters. cartoon from the Walt Disney series.


Kingdom Hearts tells about Sora’s adventures in finding her best friend, Riku, who disappeared after her homeland was attacked by shadow monsters called Heartless. Just like other RPG stories, Sora’s adventure finally turns into a big mission to save the world.


  1. Final Fantasy XII


Final Fantasy is a game franchise that has millions of fans all over the world. It’s certainly no surprise to see this title capable of becoming one of the most popular on the PS2 console. Produced in 2006, FF XII is not only popular but also high quality. This game received a very high rating, even being awarded the Best PS2 Game from IGN and Gamespot.


Final Fantasy XII is about the adventures of its six characters, Vaan, Ashe, Basch, Fran, Penelo, and Balthier. Each character has a different background and objectives, but the game’s plot centers on an adventure to save the Ivalice kingdom from civil war as well as monster invasions and black magic.

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  1. Final Fantasy X


Final Fantasy X was one of the first games to be produced on the PS2 console. At that time, the promotion was very intense, especially in advertising the advantages of graphics offered by the PlayStation 2. No wonder the sales of this game were very successful in the end. Its success even made SquareEnix decide to make a remake (HD) version of FFX for the PS3 and PSVita consoles.


Video game fans are certainly familiar with the figures of Tidus and Yuna, two lovers who are also the main characters of the FFX game. This game is considered quite successful because it offers much more beautiful graphic changes, innovative gameplay, and a story that can be considered one of the best in the Final Fantasy series.


  1. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


The Metal Gear series can be considered as a very successful franchise on the PlayStation 2. The series, which is also one of the best stealth games, has its own gameplay characteristics that make you addicted to playing it. Yes, Metal Gear Solid does not only require you to just shoot but also how to get past and kill your enemies without causing a fuss.


The Sons of Liberty series centers on your adventure as a young secret agent named Raiden. In the game, you have to try to carry out a solo mission to finish off a group of terrorists who control offshore oil drilling locations.


  1. Grand Theft Auto III


This title has played an important role in changing the standards of action games in the world. Yes, Grand Theft Auto III is one of the first games to offer an open-world concept, where players are free to explore a place without having to do any missions. Even though the graphics are still simple, GTA III offers a very exciting gameplay.


Until now, Grand Theft Auto III is still the best PS2 game of all time by the Metacritic version after successfully getting a review score of 97 out of 100. This game tells the story of Claude’s adventures in Liberty City in carrying out various criminal actions with a group of mafia groups.


  1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


If GTA III is a game that can change the standard for action games, then Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a masterpiece that can affect the standards of all games produced for the PS2 console. Yes, this game is so popular and interesting to play, and much more beautiful than its predecessor series.


GTA Vice City will take us on the adventure of Tommy Vercetti, a mafia gang member who has just been released from prison. Tommy’s various crimes in Vice City, which are set like Miami, seem cruel, cool, sometimes even ridiculous. What is clear, we will be very comfortable playing this game, both to complete the main mission or just take a walk and create chaos in the city.


  1. Gran Turismo 4


The success of the Gran Turismo racing game series on the PSX console seems to greatly influence the popularity of the next series on the PS2 console. Released in late 2004, this game is truly a paradise for those of you car lovers. There are more than 700 cars from 80 different brands, ranging from classic to futuristic models featured in Gran Turismo 4 .


Not only racing on regular circuits, but Gran Turismo 4 also offers a variety of different game modes. One of them is the Driving Mission, where there are various challenges in it, such as having to win a race with a car whose class is below your enemies.


  1. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec


Just like Final Fantasy X, this game was also released in the early days of the PlayStation 2 launch and became one of the most awaited games at that time. Racing game fans at that time were really looking forward to the arrival of the new Gran Turismo series, which reportedly had far better graphics and more realistic gameplay than its predecessor series on the PSX console.


Evidently, this game answers the expectations of gamers around the world very well. As well as drastically improved graphics, there are around 180 cars that you can test their prowess on the track, including 6 authentic cars from Formula 1 racing.


  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Finally, it was revealed that the most popular game series for the PS2 console.  Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is proof that every game Rockstar releases is capable of becoming a hit among gamers around the world. This open-world game presents a more exciting adventure, a wider city, and more realistic graphics than its predecessor series.


Not only on the PS2 console, but GTA San Andreas has also achieved great success on the PC and Xbox consoles. If you look at the fun of your adventure in the city of San Andreas and the various activities you can do, from theft, car racing, dating, and gang wars; It seems no exaggeration if this game is finally named the most popular title ever made for the PS2 console.




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