Top 10 Most Used Accounting Software in UAE

Accounting Software is an important thing you require in your business to get rid of the excessive hectic filing and hiring of employees. You need to have enough resources to run a successful business in UAE. You need to invest considerable time and skills in accounting services. We will tell you about the UAE’s top 10 most used accounting software. It aids in the processing of your business accounts.

Accounting Software is a set of computer applications that industrialize financial control in the commercial environment and aid supervisors in managing their accounting activities efficiently without spending much money and time on it.

Accounting software does various accounting and bookkeeping jobs. It also helps keep a business’s financial data, transactions, etc., safe. Nowadays, businesses of every size invest in accounting software. You can easily install the best accounting software in Dubai locally or in the Cloud according to your updates and security.

Top 10 Most Used Accounting Software in the UAE

There is no rational way through which you can rate an accounting software. No accounting or business management software is perfect for all users. Different companies like different software according to their feasibility.

The list below focuses on medium-sized businesses ($05 Million – $250 Million) and software designated as ERP for advanced business management. (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning). However, you can easily customize the software according to your needs and company requirements. After that, you can use any accounting software for any business, i.e., small-medium-large. The list is as follows:

ICT Systems LLC

WebDesk Accounting Software is part of ICT Systems LLC. The WebDesk Accounts and Finance module gives you the power to control your financial decisions. The WebDesk Accounts and Finance module works according to the International Standards for Bookkeeping so that you can prepare your reports per the auditory standards of the UAE and Pakistan. It gives us a complete and comprehensive report of your business performance which helps the companies make strategic decisions for the organization. WebDesk Accounting Software in the UAE has now become comprehensive through ICT Systems LLC.

The ICT Systems LLC offers all the necessary services to run a successful business. It is also obvious that with such Financial Software Solutions in Pakistan and UAE, businesses can cut their running costs and maximize their profits. WebDesk Accounts and Finance software reduces the requirement for additional personnel to take care of the business accounts.

Key Features of WebDesk Accounting ERP

Following are the key features of WebDesk Accounting ERP:


  • The WebDesk Accounting ERP is a flexible GL Account (Chart of Account) and Sub-Account Structure.
  • There is an easy method of payment & receipt vouchers.
  • WebDesk ERP help in easy payment of Cash & Bank Vouchers.
  • WebDesk ERP has the Ability to Create Custom Vouchers.
  • Through WebDesk ERP, Scheduled/ Recurring Transactions (Creating recurring transactions based on specific schedules and periods) are easy.
  • WebDesk ERP help in Reversing Entries (Reverse GL transactions with one click).
  • Audit Trails (Maintain a complete audit trail of all journal transactions) is also easier through WebDesk ERP.
  • WebDesk ERP provides you complete PDC Details.
  • Through WebDesk ERP, you can control all the processes of Accounting-at-a-glance.
  • WebDesk ERP provides you with General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledger.
  • WebDesk ERP helps in Multi-Level Trial Balance, P&L and Balance sheet reports.
  • WebDesk ERP helps in excellent Complete consolidation accounting.


Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 is one of the most used accounting software. This platform provides solutions to all accounting-related procedures. It simplifies all the complex accounting tasks to help run your businesses easily. It can automatically round off the invoice amount and create a ledger. This new version lets you record fixed assets purchases account invoice mode as well. Earlier, it was only possible in voucher mode. It gives you a detailed and organized report on all of your transactions. Tally ERP 9 accounting software quickly generates e-Way bills by merely uploading the invoice on the portal. It also has an intuitive and interactive interface for ease of use. Tally ERP 9 offers a reliable and active support group for technical assistance.

Fresh Books

Fresh Books is another best and most used accounting software in Dubai. It is specially designed for small businesses. Fresh Books has the aim to simplify all of your operations by automating tasks. These tasks can be invoicing, tracking your time and following up with clients, organizing expenses, and more with just a few clicks. It allows us to create professional-looking invoices for different business companies. It also provides great insights into your business financial information to make smarter decisions. Through Fresh Books, you can stay compliant with all standard accounting procedures. It also has a simple and intuitive interface to use. You can access it from any device you like, be it a tablet, desktop, mobile, or anywhere. It also allows you to access the system on the go with its mobile app.


Wave is also a popular and most used accounting software in Dubai, UAE, providing you with an end-to-end solution for all your accounting needs. It directly connects with your bank account and syncs your expenses and income to generate professional financial statements. Wave shows you month-to-month or year-to-year comparisons. Wave helps you identify the cash flow trends and to keep track of your business health. It also prepares you to file taxes on time by keeping all your income, expenses, payments, and invoices organized. Wave accounting software is quite easy to use and comes with an intuitive dashboard. It also allows you to access the system from anywhere as it syncs information in real-time.


Xero is a cloud-based accounting operation in New Zealand. Your excellent feature with their Premium Plan is its multiple currency conversion. It can work in your favor since you will no longer need to process the conversion manually. Xero is suitable for all small businesses. It automatically lets users import and classify their new PayPal, credit card, and banking transactions and gives real-time currency exchange information, multiple currencies, custom invoices, etc.

Sage Intacct

INTACCT is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) financial management platform. It directs the finance and tactically vendor management. It allows you to modify the software according to your business’s exclusive needs. They will evaluate your business requirements to recognize which features your business needs. As a web-based solution, it is inexpensive and requires minimal installation.


Zoho books offer several services, including accounting transactions, Cloud storage services through google drive, drop box, one drive, Evernote, etc. Their services are available on android as well as on iOS. It effortlessly automates bank feeds, routinely sends payment reminders, etc.

It includes unique features: invoice management, expense tracker, timesheet and billing, payment getaways, and more.

Zoho Books is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.


ODOO open source ERP and CRM has expertise in the world’s most renowned ERP, Odoo. They customize your business software according to your Company’s requirements.

If your Company does not have a reliable accountant or accounting company, you may take their complete services to manage your debts and credits. It also has 7 million users around the globe who are growing their businesses exponentially. It is suitable for medium to large-scale companies.

Quickbooks Accounting Software

Intuit Quickbooks is one of the famous names in the accounting software world. It has many custom solutions pre-configures to accomplish the needs of definite industries. Quickbooks helps the users make payments, trace transactions, create invoices, generate reports, etc., through this vast platform.

Quickbooks Accounting Software has a simple interface, which is suitable especially for the customer who doesn’t have much vast information about accounting.

MS Dynamics

MS Dynamics AX is a combined business management solution that automates financial, consumer relationship, and supply chain procedures. It is excellent for companies that handle hundreds of workers. Microsoft’s size and expertise in software design deliver a user-friendly package with an extensive support network. It is a scalable and user-friendly solution for small business accounting software organizations.


ICT Information System LLC is among the top ERP Software Companies in Dubai, UAE is a provider of Customize Software Solutions, consultation, and implementation among various ERP Modules that have been operating for quite some time in Dubai UAE. During this timespan, we have gained the manpower, skill, and experience to bring all of our clients an efficient and effective service that is specifically designed for their business.

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