Top 10 Online PC Games – 2022

If you are a PC gamer, and you love to explore some of the best online PC games of 2020, then the list provided below is going to amaze you.

Top 10 Online PC Games – 2022

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 puts you into a medieval knight’s armor and throws you into battle. This is a first person slasher so you must choose from several weapons such as swords, axes or maces and bring the opposing team to its knees. 

You should fight wisely because you can only choose from three attack patterns. As you find an enemy this is going to be a sort of rock paper scissors, if you choose a bad technique you’ll be beaten up by the way. There’s no story mode but it’s a multiplayer game that simulates epic battles.

Its main mode is a team war with up to 64 players; you can also play as a savage and free-for-all where only one will survive.


Tour entrance tickets to Odin’s hall won’t be free, but in paulheim you’re a dead viking who can’t go to valhalla. Yet first you must show you’re a brave rough warrior and that’s why the valkyries have taken you to the 10th realm. However you should survive and combat fearsome mythological creatures. 

You start from scratch with no weapons so you must collect different items to create your own story. Even though this is an open world game, you have clear goals that you must achieve while leveling up. To defeat those terrible bosses who can be very annoying but don’t worry,  because this is a multiplayer game and you can team up with your friends to attack them as a group. 

If you’re into norse mythology and teamwork, grab your viking axe and start fighting for your entrance to valhalla.

Guilty Gear Strive

Do you like anime and violence? Well I have got you the perfect game; Guilty Gear Strive. It has everything you want and much more than this is a 2d fighting game where the characters have a fabulous manga style design. The graphics are so good, you’ll believe this is a high quality anime movie arc system.  

It features a story mode that I won’t ruin for you but it’s a great sequel to what this steampunk franchise has told us so far. You have up to 15 characters to choose from, but this amount will increase gradually with downloadable content. By the way what I like the most about this fighting game is the combos you can use with your adversary in a corner and blow them away to the other setting.

Little Nightmares 2

If you’re a sensitive person maybe you should skip this. Little nightmares 2 is a highly transgressive psychological horror game, don’t let its simplicity fool you. It’s a 3d adventure game but full of disturbing symbols and mysteries that you’ll have to work out by yourself. 

Now keep in mind that the protagonists are only a couple of children plus if you look at the design of the enemies and the scene you won’t take long to catch hidden messages. The world of little nightmares 2 is traumatic, just to get started you must rescue your partner who was kidnapped by a hunter who kept her locked in a room. 

When you thought things couldn’t get any darker the only option for the children to get away from that evil person is murdering them and that’s just the cover letter for this game.

HuniePop 2

The most interesting and exotic game of 2022, Hunie Pop 2 is getting far more attention from players than expected. The game is all about the Fantasy Island you are going to enjoy. 

An era of darkness and destruction draws near as an ancient evil of limitless lechery, the Nymphojinn, will soon be awoken by a cosmic super-period of unspeakable PMS. Reunite with Kyu, your old love fairy sidekick, and travel to the island of Inna De Poona to develop your double dating prowess and overcome the insatiable lust of the demonic pair. Hunie Pop 2 codes are available on various websites, so you can use them to upgrade yourself at an earlier stage.

Psychonauts II

Have you ever wanted to explore other people’s thoughts? Well psychonauts 2 takes you on a psychedelic adventure where it’s possible you’ll be able to get into the minds of other characters.

The levels will be none other than physical representations of their memories experiences and traumas. Raz is an acrobat and psychic who is part of the psychonauts organization but something’s wrong. His leader was kidnapped a while ago and when he comes back he behaves strangely. Added to that they know there’s a spy in the organization so Raz will be forced to act quickly and figure out this mystery of mental hazes.

Although it took 16 years for us to finally have the second installment of this saga. The creators went big on those settings and the character designs. It’s great if you’re into adventure games with an innovative touch, this one is a must.

Kinah Bridge of Spirits

If your heart is pursuing peace, you should play Kinah Bridge of Spirits. It’s a single-player adventure with such immersive plot and settings that you’ll feel like you’re inside the story. The plot goes like this Yorkina, a young spiritual guide who was drawn to an abandoned village with restless spirits.

Since your task is to lead them to the afterlife, you come closer to see what’s going on but you’re attacked by surprise. It’s Toshi, an evil spirit that is revealed as the cause of the forest’s Corruption.

Now only you can help the spirits of the village get their piece back in this game. This is so good that if you’re looking for an exciting adventure you will have.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It is the 31st century, I know what you’re thinking, everything looks too rustic and wild for being the future but just look carefully there are giant robotic beasts out there. And this dystopian era humanity lives in tribes and all traces of civilization have gone. The only one who’s able to understand what happened is alloy. Thanks to the fact that she found a device called focus where she can access parts of the history. 

That’s how she finds out that a long time ago humanity became advanced, that it created robots to monitor the world order. However they stopped following orders, the last hope then was a system called Gaia, it was supposed to stop the machines and repopulate the earth. But something went wrong although there are still people who have no knowledge about the Gaia system. 

It seems to have changed its mind and wants to erase them all to start from scratch. Great story, mind-blowing designs in a nutshell.

Death Loop

How would you accomplish an impossible task? That’s the question in this game. It asks a detective who must murder eight highly protected people within 24 hours. The good thing is if you don’t make it you can start over and over again. As you are stuck in a time loop that resets every 24 hours or when you die whichever comes first. 

The innovative mechanics of this game allow you to explore the map to gather information and test different plans. However you’ll start each day on a beach and your enemies will come back to life as if nothing had happened. 

Fortunately you do have memories and keep some objects even so finishing your eight goals off isn’t an easy task at all. Especially because there’s someone called Juliana Blake who will follow you all the time and all she wants is to kill you and restart the time loop so that you can never complete your mission.

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