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Top 10 seasonal home improvement ideas

A fantastic seasonal home improvement can only go so far – maintaining your home’s cleanliness and decor is the best way to make your new and improved home look its best.

Or, if you are not ready to renovate – smaller DIY projects are a great way to make a space look new. Now that kids are returning to school and summer vacations are yet to end, you might be thinking about which projects are best to tackle before winter hits.

Doing these projects before the temperatures go down is a great way to ensure your outdoor spaces look beautiful and new when next spring comes back.

We ran a survey and according to building designers they said that, “Fall is a great time to work on home renovation tasks,”

“Not just the cooler weather compels us to spend more time indoors, but it is also an ideal time to wrap up loose ends before the long winter ahead.”

Here are ten projects you must do before winter, according to the draftsman

1. Perennial Prep 

Depending on the plant, pruning and trimming back perennials can be performed in the fall. It’s also a great idea to flip over any outdoor plant receptacles; otherwise, they can load it with water, freeze, and crack, says Joe Raboine, an ex-contractor and Director of Residential Hardscapes with Belgard.

Materials Needed: Gardening tools, gloves, trash bags.

Benefits: You’ll save lots of time and clean up if you do this prep to prepare to move forward to spring/summer with your planting.

Why best in Fall: Getting this done before the first snowfall is best to avoid extra work.

2. Control Your Weeds 

During the fall, weeds take all the sunlight, water, and nutrients they gather and convert them into energy that they keep to help them compete and endure the winter season. So, benefit from this natural system and apply any weed-killing mixture like glyphosate. 

Materials Required: Gardening gloves, weed killer, trash bag.

Benefits: Killing weeds can improve curb appeal and help your yard thrive. 

Why best in Fall: It’s more effortless to get this done by now – rather than wait for them to grow bigger and put more exertion into banishment in the spring.  

3. Clean and Cover 

Moistness and dirt left on outdoor items can generate mold or mildew to grow in the winter. Mold can evolve and spread quickly, leaving your furniture in bad shape when you are willing to use it again. 

Sterile and lock your pavers: which will cover the surface from the harsh winter snow and ice. 

Entirely clean your barbeque grill: this is why it doesn’t look very good when spring returns. 

Cover outdoor fire excavations and fireplaces (especially gas versions with ceramic logs): continuous freeze-thaw can cause issues with fire brick, refractory panels, and ceramic log sets over time. When you have a fireplace, it is better to inspect its condition before the long winter months come. You may not have much job to do if you keep your fireplace regularly. When fireplaces are not properly maintained, they can be enormously dangerous, and you’ll want to guarantee your winter is warm and safe.

4. Gutter Cleaning

This is essential in preparation for the winter. Sweeping your gutter can control clogging, which can lead to damaging your roof and overflowing your basement. “Be sure your gutters are not overflowing with leaves,” says Paul. It’s also a wonderful time to install gutter protection – usually just a one-day job. You are pivoting on the chosen product may cost between $10 to $40 a linear foot.

Materials Required: Ladder, hose, gloves, gutter cleaning tool.

Benefits: This can control water damage, gutter/roof damage, and flooding.

Why best in Fall: In multiple climates, fall = leaves. This is the entire time when your gutters will get overflowed with debris.

5. Positioning Patio Furniture

Groom the patio furniture thoroughly before placing it in storage. Check for any cracks or marks in your deck or patio. Prioritize repairing it as it will be a larger problem, especially when water reaches into the crashes and freezes. Make sure to keep any patio cushions, As the weather does not harm them. Check out this opinion for a patio furniture refresh if you live in a more pleasant climate.

Materials Required: None

Benefits: Actual furniture is built to resist colder temperatures or is water-resistant. Extreme snow and hail will provoke your furniture to degenerate even faster.

Why best in Fall: Seasonal home improvement is the best way to put away patio furniture when the temperature reaches too cold to sit outside or before any meaningful weather events.

6. Repainting

The weather is warm, so nowadays is the ideal time to remodel the exterior of your home with a new coat of paint. “The days are usually dry, and you can lock in any exposed areas before the winter, which can create any apparent damage even worse,” says Karen Lee, Founder of Smart Robotic Home. Regardless – we don’t suggest doing this yourself unless you’ve undergone it and have a lot of energy for seasonal home improvement!

Materials Required: None (if you’re employing someone)

Benefits: This is the #1 way to raise curb appeal and modify the overall face of your home.

Why best in Fall: There’s humidity in the fall months, so your paint will dry nicely.

7. Seasonal Home Improvement Windows Replacement


Creating windows better protected can decrease the energy bills or supervision costs. But transforming every window of the house may be expensive. If you have any elder single-pane windows in your home, it is better to substitute them. These windows lack insulators and get more indigent over time. It would benefit if you depended on assistance to guarantee a professional installation.

Materials Required: Sandpaper, glazing, putty knife, glazing points, pliers, carpenter’s knife, and caulk.

Cost: The intermediate cost of a single-pane window is $62.5, including endeavor.

Benefits: Poor insulation is a barrier to keeping the home warm. So, ensuring insulated windows can create a more comfortable home. 

Why best in Fall: The season will change to winter right after fall. So, it is needed to take essential steps before winter comes, and it evolves challenging to deal with fog.

8. Seasonal Home Improvements Carpet Cleaning

Washed carpet offers you healthy living and eradicates soiling coming into the room. But it bears a lot of time for them to dry. Carpets are most contaminated after summer activities.

Materials Required: Vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, defoamer, air scrubber, carpet rake, steam irons, and rubbing alcohol.

Cost: The moderate cost of cleaning a carpet is $187.

Benefits: Sterile carpet ensures hygiene in the home. It will not reveal the households to pollutants. It also provides your home with a fresh look.

Why best in Fall: If you like your carpets neat to enjoy indoor activities in winter, fall is the most suitable time to clean them. It is effortless to dry your carpet in lovely weather. 

9. Power Washing 

Seasonal home improvement during spring and summer, the warmth and the humidity rise. As a result, your home can fastly accumulate dust and dirt. Make sure to know the correct power background and solutions for your house. Using too much power can result in paint deterioration, and using too little power will result in hardship in removing dirt. 

Materials Required: Power washer that you can rent

Benefits: Energy washing improves the lifespan of the surface of your home, your driveway, and any decks and patios.

Why best in Fall: It’s necessary to get this done before winter – and often, summer and spring rain can generate dirt advertisement.

10. Seasonal Home Improvement for Driveway 

How long it bears relies on how much prep job is required to create a new asphalt driveway. Here’s a brief guide to DIY asphalt driveway repair.

Materials Required: Garden hose with a powerful spray extension or a pressure washer, small trowel or shovel, steel tamper (for larger areas), cones or tape (for larger sizes), weed killer, sand, asphalt patching mixture, asphalt adhesive, crack filler (for cracks less than 1/2 inch wide).

Benefits: Damages to your driveway can reduce curb appeal, become a safety hazard – and will only worsen, meaning you might have to spend for a completely new driveway.

Why best in Fall: Freezing temps and snow can drastically improve the size of damages in your driveway.

There are lot more ways to do a seasonal home improvement on a budget. These items that I just shared are a few samples of it. Let your creativity expand, explore your mind and apply what you like on your project and you’ll definitely love the result. You don’t have to be a pro in doing these you just need a bump, a few ideas a feasible budget and a partner whom can help you out carry this work. Keep in mind that great results started from humble beginnings and this is your time to take that. 



A freelancer from the Philippines

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