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Top 20 Adobe Photoshop Tools Explained

If you want to know about the best adobe photoshop tools then you are at the right place… Here we have explained the top Top 20 Photoshop Tools … I am sure about it, After learning this post you will understand most of them easily and it will definitely help you … So read till the last, let’s start learning about the best adobe photoshop tools…

Top 20 Adobe Photoshop Tools Explained

  • Dodge Tool (O)

This tool works very well when there is a need to light up a part of the photo, it lightens the pixel color of the image.

  • Burn Tool (O)

This tool works opposite to the Dodge tool, by this, the image pixels can be darkened. It is used to darken the hair or to further enhance the dark area.

  • Sponge Tool (O)

It saturates the color of any part of the image, it can be used in two ways. If the color of the pixel is to be sharpened, then select Saturate in the mode option given on the toolbar above. If you want to reduce or fade the color of the pixel, then select De-saturate in the mode option given on the top toolbar.

  • Path Selection Tool (A)

Moving further into the adobe Photoshop tools, we now know about the Path Tool. It is used to select the path created by the pen tool.

  • Text Tool (T)

This tool is used to write text on the image, this is the only tool available in adobe Photoshop for writing-related work. The good thing is that after selecting it. There are many options that appear on the toolbar above, with the help of which you can make the text very attractive.

In this, the matter can be Bold, Italic, Underline as well as Right, Left, Center Aligned. There are many options related to formatting like Font Type, Font Size, Line Spacing, Word Spacing, etc. are available.

  • Pen Tool (P)

It is very suitable to use this tool for micro selection of images through this you can do the free selection. Compared to the lasso tool. The corners or cutting edge are not visible in the selection made with it and a very smooth selection path is created.

  • Custom Shape Tool (U)

This tool is useful to draw some of the already given shapes in Adobe Photoshop. After selecting this tool you can use any of many shapes from the drop-down button on the top toolbar … Join the best adobe photoshop classes near me and become an expert photo editor…

  • Rectangle Tool (U)

With the help of this tool in adobe Photoshop Tools, rectangular shapes can create. The facility of changing the color is also available in it.

  • Rounded Rectangle Tool (U)

As the name suggests, this is also a Rectangle Tool, it has rounded corners.

  • Ellipse Tool (U)

With the help of this oval shape can be drawn. It can also be changed as per your requirement with the help of Shift button round ie circle shape can be made.

  • Polygon Tool (U)

Multi-side shapes can be created with this tool in which the number of sides can be increased from 3 to 100. All the shapes can be selected by the path selection tool and their shapes can be changed according to your need.

  • Note Tool (N)

When one or more people are working on an image, some notes need to be saved. Then its use proves to be very effective.

Through this, you can attach one or more notes to the image. So that a comment can be written about the information of the related layer or image or what to do on it.

  • Audio Annotation Tool (N)

Like note tools, audio notation tools have the facility to attach notes information in voice or audio form.

  • Eyedropper Tool (I)

The eyedropper tool is used to pick a color from any photo or image. You can select that color by simply clicking on any color. Which you can see in the color box. The color code can also be picked by this.

  • Measure Tool (I)

With this tool, the length, width, and angle of any photo or any part of the photo can be measured.

  • Hand Tool (H)

With the help of this tool, the image can be navigated up and down and both sides as per your convenience or can be rotated. The hand tool can be called by simply pressing the space button while using any other tool.

Example – If you are making a selection using the lasso tool, and you want to move the image upwards, then hold down the space button on the keyboard and move the image upwards with the mouse.

  • Zoom Tool (Z)

This tool is used to zoom the picture or make it bigger to work on an object. This is the most common use tool in Adobe Photoshop Tools. Apart from this, the zoom tool can be used by pressing the Control and Shift buttons simultaneously.

Keyboard Shortcut – zoom in (“control” and “+”) zoom out (“control” and “-”)

  • Color Picker

In Adobe Photoshop Tools there are two-color boxes appear at the bottom. One for the foreground color and the other for the background color clicking on it opens the Color Picker screen.

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  • Marquee Tool (Keyboard shortcut “M”)

This is a selection tool, it’s used to select a part of the image. It is a free transform tool, which can be easily used with the mouse.

  • Magic Wand Tool (W)

This is also a variant of the selection tool is actually a magic tool. Which provides a magical way of selecting the image. It selects the same color area in a single click to add more parts to the selection. Now press and hold the shift button and you will see that more parts of the same color add to this selection.

Through this, color selection can be done according to your wish and you can get RGB color code and CMYK color code of any color.

If you want to become an expert photo editor then you should learn an advanced adobe photoshop course online and offline according to your comfort so that you can about all the tools deeply and do practice … Nowadays many training graphic designing institutes provide graphic design courses or adobe photoshop courses.

Before joining any institutes you should be sure that after completing your adobe photoshop course near me or your nearby location they provide internships so that you can do practice and get experience …

In this way, we have given you information about almost all the tools of Photoshop, hope you have understood the tools and how to use them in simple language.

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Conclusion: In this post, we have learned about the all major tools of adobe photoshop… I hope you have liked this post and it helped you to learn about adobe photoshop major tools, If you liked the post please share it with your friends on social media platforms so that it can help others to learn in detail about adobe photoshop tools… If you have any confusion or queries related to this post feel free to ask in the comment section, we will try our best to answer your questions.

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