Top 3 High-Paying Engineering Jobs – Remote Work Opportunities

The 3 Best Remote, Work-From-Anywhere Jobs You Can Get Right Now—So You Can Make Money While in Quarantine

With isolate and social distancing in place and so much of the population jobless due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are searching for better ways to deal with making money without having to risk coronavirus contamination. We’ve organized a list of 3 best work-from-anywhere job ideas out there, so you can be working properly while never leaving the safety of your living room. IF you’re looking for how to make money online, or the best side hustles, we’ve found the best work at home jobs for you.

Freelance Engineering is a new trend that pays well since their skills are all transferrable via technology.

A word of the wise before you dive in: There are many scam companies out there who falsely claim their employees work from home/work from anywhere. Before you take an offer with any remote company, try to check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure the company you’re considering is real.

JNCIA Engineer

Salary: As indicated by, in the United States, female JNICA Engineers win somewhere in the range of $58,175 and $110,244 per year while male JCINA Engineers gain somewhere in the range of $51,598 and $95,057. Even though employment uses a more number of men than ladies. According to Indeed compensation estimate, on an average, a JNICIA Engineer pay ranges from roughly $58,340 per year for Network Operations Technician to $128,970 per year for Data Engineer.

Qualifications: JNCIA Engineers must have a Bachelor’s degree in either Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications or a related discipline. A few companies also consider relevant work experience rather than a degree. A few bosses further look for candidates with a Master’s degree or specialization.

Career Opportunities: Generally, Network Engineering has become one of the most sought after careers. As indicated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a rise of 6 percent in the openings for work from 2016 to 2026. As the demand for Information Technology is growing, the number of opportunities also appears to increase.

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Virtual Systems Engineer

Salary: The average yearly compensation of Virtual System Engineers is $91,679 in the United States, as per paysa.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements: Virtual System Engineers require secondary school or four-year college education in computer science or network engineering or the management information systems or other related fields. They should know object-oriented programming and Python.

They should be good oral communicators, as they need to explain the technical language to individuals of non-IT backgrounds. If they have CCIE, CCNP or VMware certifications and other related industry certifications, for example, MCSE or MCITP, it would be valuable, thus would be the capacity to configure switches and routers of Cisco. They also need to have experience in the TCP/IP protocol.

At last, they should be knowledgeable in software, scripting, and everything-as-an administration (EaaS).

They should have a broad understanding of security offerings, for example, firewall, web Security, VPN email Security, Access Control, Intrusion Prevention, and so on.

Future of Virtual System Engineers: With more individuals going remotely, the demand for staff working in mobile technology, virtualization, and cloud computing will undoubtedly flood. Meanwhile, cloud architects also should be skilled at virtualization networking.

As per BLS, jobs for PC systems and network admins are expected to grow six percent during 2016-2026. It also includes that as enterprises invest in rising technologies and mobile networks, demand for employees with experience in those zones will continue growing.

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Network Field Technician

Salary: The yearly average compensation of a Field Network Technician in the United States is $51,600 per year. Freelance professionals, then again, charge $16.16 per hour on an average, as indicated by

Educational Qualifications: Although a few bosses acknowledge an associate degree or a secondary school diploma, most people hire individuals with a four-year degree in computer sciences or related disciplines.

Job Openings: Job Opportunities for computer and network system admins are expected to grow six percent during the ten-year time frame from 2016 to 2026, as per BLS. With enterprises revealing interest in investing in technologies that are newer and faster, demand for such specialists would just grow, it adds.

Cisco, in its blog, says that with firms investing in cloud computing, big data, mobile devices, and social media, individuals who study networking technology will keep on being sought after.

Certifications for network experts are offered by enterprises, for example, Cisco Aruba Networks, HP, and Juniper Networks. Network + offered by CompTIA is also one of the mainstream certifications that are acknowledged by reputed companies.

When network professionals gain expertise, they get a chance of advancing their career by becoming Network Security Specialists, wireless networking engineers, cloud networking engineers, VoIP engineers, telecom administrators or data center networking authorities.

If professionals get to learn scripting languages, for example, Python, Ruby or BASH, it would be helpful later on. Additionally, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is allowing automation, broad programmability, and orchestration to be incorporated into it.

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Key Factor of High Paying Entry Level Engineering Jobs:

High-paying engineering jobs and client assistance positions are not unreasonably hard to get, seeing as they cover various skills and abilities. Normally, specific businesses, for example, engineering, law, and finance will give more significant compensations and permit workers to earn more in the long run, but that also depends upon the demand.

The key factor to remember here is that business sectors are moving to an increasingly convenient method for working together –online outsourcing. This gives organizations new employment opportunities to have their requirements met. Working online as a freelancer gives people more flexibility in their work environment alongside the confidence that lucrative jobs can always be found in any place you are. Contingent workers have become the next workforce generation

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