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Top 5 Camping Spots In LA That You Can’t-Miss

Getting Ready To Camp And Understanding Your Limits

Parks have a wide range of enjoyable activities in some environments and levels of difficulty. Camping is the most obvious and easy one.Match the activities you want to your group’s preferences and physical health while planning your journey. Some families enjoy bird watching and taking short walks around a lake. Other groups can pursue adventure by whitewater rafting or mountain climbing. 


Do what is best for you! You don’t want to force yourself or your group mates to hike, climb, or explore beyond their physical ability because that’s when accidents are more likely. There is no shame on doing rookie trails for beginners and there is much more time to enjoy what is ahead if you are not worried about the risks that the trip may represent for you and the ones that come with you. If you feel doubtful about your physical skills and fitness level, health issues, or appropriate behaviors, consult your doctor. Then go out and have some fun.

Where To Camp In Louisiana

When people think of Louisiana, they often imagine New Orleans, jazz music, and Mardi Gras. Although that is all good, they often don’t realize the number of great camping spots. The best part of this area is that the campsites are not too far out of the way from Baton Rouge and Alexandria. With a massive amount of natural beauty, you will undoubtedly find a few perfect nights as you lay under the stars. There is a National Forest and over 20 State Parks to enjoy. 


Today, we will discover the top 5 camping spots in LA that you can’t miss.

Camping at Grand Isle State Park

Grand Isle has more than 40 camping spots that you can pull-through. They also provide power and water service. Nevertheless, the camping spots that are considered the best can be found on the beach, where more than ten others are located. Although these do not provide the campers with water or power, they enjoy the ocean up close. Once you visit, you’ll be glad you did because you’ll likely come back in the future.

Camping at Poverty Point Reservoir State Park

Located a couple of hours from Alexandria, Poverty Point Reservoir is an artificial lake consisting of 2700 acres. Poverty Point is a favorite among many outdoorsmen and campers alike and provides an excellent way to enjoy a rural setting. If you love the water too, then the North Marina will be perfect. There, you’ll get to enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating.


Camping opportunities include renting from lodges or cabins, as well as over 45 campsites that have and don’t have amenities.

Camping at Chicot State Park

Camping at Chicot State Park provides an impressive reserve full of wildlife. It encompasses over 6000 acres which surround an artificial lake. The lake is full of many fish, including bass, crappie, bluegill, and red-ear sunfish. Another popular area is the park’s marsh, which is perfect for canoers and kayakers.


Other than what the lake and marsh have to offer campers, Chicot State Park provides close to 200 campsites for both RV and tent campers, as well as a few cabins. If you are motivated, you can explore the area by canoeing or kayaking the six-mile bayou.

Camping at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

Located close to Breaux Bridge, Lake Fausse Pointe State Park embraces more than 5500 Atchafalaya Basin acres. Often referred to as Atchafalaya Swamp, it is the country’s biggest.


There is also a lot offered as far as marshes and bayous are concerned, which supplies a lovely haven for area wildlife. A few of the wildlife critters include Beaver, otters, bald eagle, and osprey. So if you love to see wildlife in its natural habitat, you will love camping at Lake Fausse.


In this LA state park camping grounds, eight sites are considered “primitive” and just a short distance away from the trail. Other than the beautiful campgrounds, there is ample space for your RV.

Camping at South Toledo Bend State Park

If you are looking for a newer campground to enjoy, then the South Toledo Bend campsites are happy to provide more than enough room to provide for your camping adventures. South Toledo has become an instant hit in a short amount of time. Situated on Toledo Bend Lake’s edge, visitors can enjoy the most impressive scenes.


South Toledo Bend provides more than 50 campsites perfect for tent camping. The majority of these are all located near the lake. Every one of the spots provides both power and water, and they all provide space for either a tent or RV parking.


Whether you like pine trees or the swamp, there is a lot on offer in Louisiana and not to mention the beauty that comes naturally with it. Regardless of what type of camper you consider yourself to be, you will indeed find the location that suits all of your camping needs. With many hiking trails and water activities, you need to decide on the best location to enjoy. So go ahead, get your kayaks, canoes, and hiking boots ready.

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