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Top 5 Ways to Support Your Child’s Favorite Sport


Playing a sport is important for everybody. Especially children. There was research conducted in 2015. These findings are based on the Ph.D. research done by Janet Moeijes, who the VU University Amsterdam awarded a Ph.D. on June 25th. The study focused on participation in sports club activities, which is the most common form of children’s sports participation in the Netherlands. Moeijes examined 76 primary schools across the Netherlands for three years. More than 2,000 children aged 8 to 12 completed various questionnaires on their own. Between 2011 and 2014, the questionnaires were filled out.

The Findings

Children who belong to a sports club and exercise regularly are happier, healthier, and better able to get along with their peers than children who exercise infrequently or not at all. It makes no difference which sport the child participates in or whether it is an individual or team sport. This realization leads to the recommendation that children be encouraged to choose a sport that they enjoy participating in regularly.


Benefits Of Playing Sports

Teamwork and other soft skills are taught in sports.

We may all be individuals, but we will all be members of various teams throughout our lives. Whether on a high school robotics team or in the accounting department of a large corporation, today’s youth must learn to work as part of a team. 


They know how to work together toward a common goal, share their talents and resources, and communicate effectively by participating in youth sports. They will learn leadership skills and a lesson that we all struggle with: how to lose gracefully.

Youth sports boost academic performance.

Studies of high school students have repeatedly shown that students who participate in athletics have higher GPAs, graduate at a higher rate, and perform better on the SAT and ACT than students who do not. A higher GPA and standardized test scores could mean the difference between getting into a top college and settling for a backup school. In today’s competitive academic environment, students must seek out any advantage they can to improve their lives.

Youth sports boost one’s mood and self-esteem.

American children are experiencing higher rates of depression and anxiety than at any time in the country’s history. As computers and smartphones become more and more important in our lives, a lack of physical activity may be contributing to this epidemic. 


The World Health Organization recommends that children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Exercise, according to psychologists, is one of the most effective ways to improve mental health and mood. Not only that, but by learning a new skill and succeeding on the field, students increase their self-esteem and discover reasons to believe in themselves.

Healthy habits formed at a young age last a lifetime.

The earlier a child learns the value of regular exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep, the better. Youth sports strongly encourage a healthy lifestyle, and those lifestyle decisions frequently last a lifetime. These children will have more muscular bodies, faster minds, quicker reflexes, and overall better health for the rest of their lives.

Youth Athletics is a Fantastic Way to Meet New People!

Last but not least, there is no better way to meet new people than by playing with other teenagers! The kids are having a good time, collaborating, learning new skills, interacting in novel ways, and connecting with others. Good friendships are the key to living a long and happy life, and youth sports provide a low-pressure and straightforward way to form those lasting bonds. Sports Movement’s coaches are still close friends with their old teammates from decades ago!


Sports are Good for Your Children

As a parent, you aspire to raise healthy and happy children. There are so many things that you will do when your children are young that will significantly affect who they become when they grow up. You want to make sure that they are involved in healthy hobbies, and you also want to be aware of any harmful influences on their lives. 


Some things that your children can do will help them build good qualities from a young age. Sports are great because they help your children improve their motor skills, develop social skills, build self-confidence, and encourage sportsmanship. Apart from that, when your children play sports, they can make new friends and have fun. Since all that is the case, you do well to support your kids by following some of the steps below.

#1 Watch Sports with Your Kids

If you find that your children have certain sports that they enjoy, why not watch with them. Ensure that you schedule your day to watch the sports with your children when their favorite team is playing. Even if it is a team that you do not like, or if it is a sport that you do not enjoy, show appreciation for your children’s interest and take time out to watch the games with them.

#2 Take Your Children to See the Pros

Another great thing that you can do is to take your children to see a live game. When your children see professionals in action, they will enjoy their time. They will be immersed in the game, and it is also an excellent way for you and your child to bond. When they are at the game, make sure that they have a great time. Buy them all of their favorite snacks, and do something special like getting them a custom football jersey; they will never forget it.

#3 Play Games with Your Kids

If your children enjoy a specific sport, then get out there and play with them. It does not matter if you are good at the sport or not; the only important thing is giving your children this time. As long as they are playing and having a good time, then nothing else matters. This is also the case when it comes to practice. If your children want to practice for a sport, make sure that you are out there with them practicing to perform at their best when they play with a team.

#4 Put Your Children in School Sports

If you find that your children are interested in a particular sport, you do well to put them in school sports. School sports are great because they are a way for your child to interact with their peers and build friendships. Apart from that, you can let a trained professional teach your children how to play the game correctly, so that can take a little bit of stress off of you as well.

#5 Go To All of Your Children’s Games

If your children are in school sports, make sure that you go to all of their games if possible. It may seem like something insignificant, but it is highly memorable to them. Your children want to feel like you support them in their hobbies and like you believe in them. When you show up for all of their games, you show that you are a parent who is interested in their interests and want them to succeed.


Keep the Games Alive

If your children are into a specific sport, your exhibit’s behavior will either encourage them or discourage them from continuing with their efforts. When you show your children that you are interested in the sports they like, you make them feel validated for their interests, and you also permit them to be unique. Whether your children are interested in sports that you want or not, continue encouraging them to play.


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