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Top 6 Child Safety Apps for Android

The safety of children always is the priority, especially from cyberbullying. Kids get access to the internet at a very early age nowadays, and being a parent you must take care of your children and make them safer. Here are some best child safety apps that can help you make your child safe on the internet.


Kid-Friendly Messaging Apps

Plenty of companies are out there that offer messaging services only for the kids; some of them are JustTalk, Messenger Kids from Facebook, etc. Giving access to only kid-friendly messaging apps to children is a decent way to safely provide your children with the latest technology.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link lets you monitor and control a bunch of stuff on your child’s smartphone, such as view child’s device activity, hide apps, approve or block app installs, and much more stuff. If you find anything suspicious on your child’s device, you can use this app to lock the device. It is an excellent safety app available for free to use.

IVYMobile AppLock

IVYMobile AppLock is quite a decent app lock that you can use to lock some of the apps such as gallery apps, banking apps, social media, web browsers, etc. It is a great way to keep your child away from any kind of trouble from the internet. It is a pretty nice app and entirely available for free to use.

SPIN Safe Browser

SPIN Safe Browser is quite a decent child safety app that prevents loading unnecessary web pages so that your children will not see any inappropriate content on the internet. The app has a clean and straightforward user interface, and you can use it entirely for free.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is an excellent platform to learn various things, and the app does not contain any inappropriate content. The app even allows parents to set screen time limits, watch history, options to block unpleasant videos, and do much other stuff. It is undoubtedly a great platform for children, and it is available for free to use with ads, but it also offers a premium version that will cost you $12.99 that will entirely remove the ads from the app.

Net Nanny

The app Net Nanny is one of the best child safety applications. Net Nanny provides you with a variety of features that you can use to make your child more secure on the internet. Features offered by this app include a GPS tracking tool that helps you keep track of your Kid’s present as well as previous locations, tools to monitor browsing activity on the internet, screen time monitoring, various alerts, parent dashboard, and many more things. It is undoubtedly a decent child safety app with a user-friendly interface, and you can use it entirely for free.

So, I would recommend you to use a few of the above-mentioned child safety apps to make your child more secure on the internet. I hope you liked the article, and the information provided in it will be useful for you. Thank you!

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