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Top 6 Twitter Analytics Tools for Brands

Increasing followers, engagements and reach is a dream for many brands. Using a social media account to enhance your brand value is the best option in today’s world. Engaging with your audience is going to increase your sales. Creating creative content alone is not going to make your audience stick around for long. You would also have to strategize your posts and plans about your brand.

For this purpose, you will require a Twitter audit report, which will bring all your schedules and analysis of the account on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. You will be able to record the audience’s response to create a better business out of your brand. To help you grow your business, we have mentioned some of the great Twitter analytics tools that you can use the next time you open your Twitter account.

Twitter Analytics

Before diving into any other tool or app, let’s look at Twitter’s own analytical tool. It is available for free for all of its users. You can find the summary of the last 28-days, including all the impressions, engagements, profile visits, mentions, tweet count data, and followers on the Twitter app. If you scroll further into the analytical page, you will find the account and engagement summary of every month. If you want to know more about the people who follow you, then check the Audiences tab that includes lifestyle information, demographics, and consumer behavior.


This tool will help you find, analyze, and optimize your account to the best use. You can use it to connect with anyone and compare accounts to find or target new influencers. The analyzing tools will help you know the location and engagement of your followers. You can also get to know your competitors and friends in your field. They offer free and paid services, but the free services have limited features like checking the social authority ranking, knowing when your followers are active, and monitoring their locations. You can get their Target and Multi-Task paid plans for $23/month and $63/month with annual billing, respectively. The features on both the plans are the same, but the target plan offers access for up to three profiles while the multi-task plan provides access for up to 20 profiles.
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Klear offers a live demo to build trust in their tools. It includes all the influencer marketing software tools that a brand will require. You can find influencers sorted by category and location. Before collaborating with an influencer, you can use their Analyse tool to get all the insights and access to the audience, demographics, influencer analytics, and more to strategize everything better. The Klear CRM enables you to manage your influencer program, outreach, and technicalities. They also offer and messaging tools, so that you can directly send invites to the influencers for campaigns and pay them quickly. They offer customized pricing models only.


The tools provided by Tweepi make it easier for the brands to find relevant users to engage with and to gain more followers in less time. It can also help you unfollow fake followers who add no value to your timeline. A lot of its features are powered by artificial intelligence. These AI-driven features let you like, reply, follow, retweet and engage with your customers smoothly. Tweepi monitors all your competitors, users, and accounts activity and then feeds it to the AI recommendation engine for better engagement on your profile. You would be able to target your audience by language and location. Choose from their silver and platinum plans that cost $10.75/month and $24.99/month, if paid annually.


They send you Twitter analytical reports from Union Metrics for free and monitor all the topics and profiles related to you or essential for your business on all social media platforms. They will help you strategize and execute profitable plans for improving your social media handle. Their tools make it easy to set up, use, and share the analytics with anyone. They provide real-time monitoring to deliver timely insights on your account so that you can make better decisions for your brand. Their subscription plans start at $99 per month for two profiles.

Manage Flitter

This is one such app that will help you manage multiple accounts, track your performance, and understand your Twitter account. Using the schedule tweets feature, you can create your tweets in advance and schedule them for an optimal engagement at the time when most of your followers are active. For their paid accounts, they offer a unique feature called ‘Power Post’ that has a unique interface to enable you to check the best times to post tweets on your account. They have an ‘Analytics’ tool that will help you understand long-term trends for your viral activity. They offer two types of plans, i.e., Pro and Business, based on the number of accounts you have. The Pro plan costs $12 per month, and it is ideal for small companies. While the Business plan starts at $49 per month and is a perfect choice for larger agencies or companies.

Try out the above analytics tools to boost the growth of your business. Keep these tools handy to capture and process insightful data on customer behavior.

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