Top 7 Eyelash Extensions in the United States

Eyelash extensions are a service that you definitely want to get your money’s worth for. Make sure you are going to the right place and using the right products by following this helpful list! Let’s go!

1) Artisan Eyelashes – San Francisco, CA
This location is always quick to respond and has a very easy system for booking appointments. They offer faux mink, blend, x-wrap, and hybrid eyelashes as well as doing lash lifts and retouches. They will also do full or half sets, and service groups! Their website can be found here and their yelp is here. Artisan eyelashes is located at 391 Sutter St in Suite 316. I recommend this studio for their expert service and max efficiency!

2) Lash Forever Eyelash Extension – New York, NY
Lash Forever Eyelash Extension in New York is the epitome of big city chic. They are efficient, classy, and super fun to talk to. There’s always a deal going on so be sure to look out for some savings as well! Lash Forever offers three service options: a full natural set, the full lash forever set, and the full red carpet set. These can be upgraded to mink lashes and they do touch-ups as well as removals. You can find their website here and their yelp page here. They are located at 940 3rd Ave in Suite 3A.

3) Xclus3 Winks L.L.C. – Oakland, FL
This eyelash studio is located at 527 West Hull Ave in Oakland and does the BEST glamour lashes. They offer mink, hybrid, removals, cleansings, eyebrow AND eyelash tinting, as well as so many different facials and waxing services. I love this place for the convenience of being able to get it all done at once! You can find their website here. One look at their photos and you’ll see why they have such a great reputation!

4) Just Peachy – Gainesville, FL
Another eyelash studio that doubles as a complete beauty service center, Just Peachy! Located at 1405 NW 13th St in Suite C, this place offers so many services it’s crazy, and all of their cosmetologists are fully licensed! For lash services specifically, they offer full extensions in classic, bipolar, volume, and mega volume and offer fills in all the same categories as well as removals and bottom lash extensions. You can find their website here.

5) Crisstetic – Orlando, FL
Located at 8865 Commodity Circle in Suite 5-201, Crisstetic is a high class, professional studio that delivers fantastic results. They offer extensions in classic, hybrid, and volume, and also do refills, microblading, and eyebrow services! The online booking system is so convenient and saves so much time since you don’t have to call and wait for someone to answer. Check out their website here.

6) Lash It Up and Spa – Chicago, IL
Lash It Up also offers brow services and waxing, but their eyelash services are what set them so far above the rest. They offer a glam look, a flutter look, a natural look, a cats eye, tinting, lash lifts and refills! Like one review says, these lashes don’t lie. Find Lash It Up at 2122 W Belmont Ave in Suite 3 and check out their website here.

7) Extravalash – Las Vegas, NV
Extravalash offers mink lashes, silk lashes, and classic lash extensions. Their looks are so gorgeous and all of the reviews agree. This location also offers tanning and they have been praised for their lashes being so low maintenance while still lasting over a month. They don’t have a website, but you can book appointments and find their phone number on their yelp page here.

Finding the right lash studio is super important, with the cost of lashes being what they are you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Lash studios can go here to see how to offer the very best product to their clients. All of these studios listed here offer a lot of additional services and do incredible work on eyelash extensions that’ll be sure to wow you and everyone around you. Make sure to stop at one of these places if you find yourself in one of these amazing cities.

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