Top Employee Monitoring Software in 2022 – DeskTrack

In a workplace, employees are monitored for various reasons. Some employers do it to make sure that their employees are productive. Others do it for security purposes. And still, others do it to ensure that their employees follow company policy. Whatever the reason, employee monitoring is here to stay. And with the advent of new technology, there are more options than ever when it comes to choosing the right employee monitoring software for your business. In this article, we will take a look at the top employee monitoring software of 2022 – DeskTrack so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your business.

Best Employee Monitoring Software

There are many different employee monitoring software programs available on the market today. However, not all of them are created equal. Some are better than others. Here is a list of the top employee monitoring software programs available today:

1 DeskTrack – DeskTrack is the most advanced employee monitoring software available. It provides real-time access to employee activities, including computer usage and location. It also integrates with popular employee management systems, such as JIRA or Confluence.

With DeskTrack, you can:

The DeskTrack team has developed this software based on years of experience in time tracking and attendance management. This software is designed to be user-friendly and flexible, which makes it easy to use by everyone from HR managers to employees themselves.

2. Hubstaff – Hubstaff is a popular employee monitoring software program that offers a wide range of features. It can track employee productivity, time worked, projects worked on, and more. It also offers GPS tracking, so you can see where your employees are at all times.

Hubstaff monitoring software is a web-based application that allows you to monitor your employees’ time and productivity. You can also track their cell phones, as well as any computer devices such as laptops or tablets.

The software starts with the Hubstaff website, which provides a user interface for setting up projects. You can create projects by creating an account, or you can use the pre-existing templates that come with the program

3. RescueTime – RescueTime is another popular employee monitoring software program. It tracks employee productivity and provides detailed reports. It also offers a “focus mode” feature that blocks distractions and helps employees stay focused on their work.

RescueTime is a time management and productivity app. It helps you keep track of how you spend your time on the computer and makes it easy to get more done by focusing on what’s important.

RescueTime monitors your computer activity, then categorizes it into different tabs based on the usefulness of each activity. For example, RescueTime tells you how much time you spent on Facebook or email — and if you work better without those distractions.

4. DeskTime – DeskTime is an employee monitoring software program that tracks time worked, projects worked on, and productivity. It also offers a “focus mode” feature that blocks distractions and helps employees stay focused on their work.

DeskTime monitoring software is software that allows you to track the amount of time that your employees spend on their computers. It also allows you to see how much time they spend on their phones, tablets, and other devices.

Using desk time monitoring software is a great way for employers to gain more insight into the habits of their employees. The system allows employers to monitor how much time their employees spend working and how much time they spend looking at social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

5. TimeDoctor – TimeDoctor is an employee monitoring software program that offers a wide range of features, including time tracking, project tracking, productivity tracking, and more. It also offers a “focus mode” feature that blocks distractions and helps employees.

The TimeDoctor provides the following services:

  1. It can monitor multiple processes at once, allowing you to see what’s running when it has stopped, which program is responsible for it, and so on. This can help you to identify problems quickly and start troubleshooting the issue before they become critical ones.
  2. It can also notify you when a process has been terminated or killed by another process (for example, if your application crashed). This helps you troubleshoot issues faster than before because now you know exactly where to look for answers!

6. ActivTrak – ActivTrak is monitoring software that helps you identify issues in your business, such as improper use of equipment, theft, or other employee misconduct. With ActivTrak, you can create reports and monitor the key areas of your operation.

ActivTrak enables you to see where problems are occurring and how they affect your operations. You can also get alerts when things go wrong so that you can take action quickly and resolve the issue before it becomes worse.

Top Employee Monitoring Software for 2022

Many businesses are looking for ways to improve their operations and one of the most popular methods is by implementing employee monitoring software. This type of software can help businesses to keep track of employee productivity, identify areas where improvements need to be made, and monitor compliance with company policies.

An employee time tracking software systems are a critical part of its overall success. It is important to have a system in place that can help track employee performance, as well as manage and reward employees who are doing a good job. A good software solution will allow the company to set up multiple employee profiles, assign specific tasks to each profile, and monitor how each profile performs on those tasks. The software should also include a rewards system where employees receive bonuses based on their performance metrics.

There are many different types of employee monitoring software available on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. To help you make a decision, we have compiled a list of the top employee monitoring software for 2022.

1 DeskTrack
2. Hubstaff
3. ActivTrak
4. DeskTime
5. RescueTime
6. TimeDoctor

Each of these software programs has its own unique features and benefits, so be sure to do your research before deciding which one is right for your business needs.


Best Employee monitoring software is the perfect solution for businesses looking to keep an eye on their employees. With this type of software, you can monitor everything from how many hours your employees are working and how much they are being paid, to what they are doing in the office.

Employee monitoring software can help you save money by cutting down on employee turnover, increase productivity with better communication between management and staff, and even reduce legal risk because you will know exactly what your employees are doing at work.

On-premises solutions install the monitoring software on a server that the company owns, while cloud-based services either use the company’s existing employee devices or employ dedicated tracking devices to provide real-time monitoring of remote and/or mobile employees. Given how much sensitive business and personal information is being transmitted or hosted on employee devices, it’s no wonder so many companies are choosing cloud-based solutions. Not only does this approach require less initial capital investment, but it also saves on operational expenses associated with managing the infrastructure for an on-premises solution.

The key to choosing the best employee monitoring software is to evaluate your business goals and needs, so you can buy the software with the features that will provide the most benefit. Realistically, no single program can be the best for everyone, but there are a number of programs worthy of consideration.

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