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Top Things You Should Know First Before Building a Safe Room

Although your house is already built does not exclude you from upgrading your home security to include an impassable safe or panic room. A safe room is a necessary part of great home security and something that every household should have. A safe room is not that difficult to create and can be the difference between death or life in case a home invasion happens. 

In this article, we are going to share with you tips on how to build a safe room in your existing home using a wide range of supporting materials and expertise. Here’s a brief and simple guide on how to set up a safe room in your house.

Where Should a Safe Room Be In? 

Don’t worry, if you have a house or apartment, constructing a safe room can be really easy. The first step you want to make is to identify what role you’d like to put the safe room in. That place should have: 

  • Has a window for escape area
  • Has one doorway
  • Has access to a phone 
  • Easily and fast access from all spaces of the house 
  • Fits your whole family 
  • Has a room for provisions 
  • Contains limited glass windows 
  • Gains cellular reception 
  • Has safe room doors 

What Can be the Possible Threats? 

Everything that follows decisions about how to construct and protect your safe room will rely on what threats you want the room to be shielded from. Are you mainly looking to guard valuables, people or both? Are you anticipating attacks from hammers or even handguns and assault rifles? You need to identify these things so you can consult with your new home builder what materials you may need. 

The criteria for safe rooms when it comes to home invasions vary a little from safe rooms from tornados and hurricanes. In a lot of cases, a bedroom is situated on the upper levels of multistory houses. 

If a tornado happens, you don’t want to be discovered on the second floor of a home but rather the first floor or basement. These rooms must have a stronger stone, concrete or brick wall and ceiling. The room must have a full stock of supplies of food, water, and first aid. You may also want your room to include a radio that can deliver to local EMS, in case of a big hurricane or tornado. Your safe room must be out of a flood zone area, particularly in the event of a hurricane. 

What Should I Put in a Safe Room 

When arranging a safe room for a tornado or hurricane, you would want to think more long term. Be ready to wait out the storm and then wait for days or weeks until EMS arrives at your home. You must also be prepared to leave your safe room and go to safety if needed. To know what to put in the safe room, pretend the rest of the entire house will be destroyed and the only things you have in that room will be available to you to make it through. 

  • Medical Supplies
  • Food and water (5-7 days worth)
  • Food for pets
  • Life jackets (hurricane/flood zone)
  • Enough prescribed medicine for anyone in the house 
  • Battery charger for cell phone
  • Radio equipment
  • Flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • Multitool/knife
  • Axe/pry bar (if you have to break out of your room)
  • Rope
  • Warm clothes and blankets 
  • Hepa Filter Masks
  • Additional clothes and shoes for everyone in the house
  • Rain Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Spare of boots for everyone in the house

Create and Practice an Emergency Plan 

Having safe must be utilized to be successful. We highly suggest making a basic plan to maximize the price and use of your safe room. When it comes to storing valuables, identify some rules of thumb about when the door will be secured with a lock and what you’ll keep inside. 

Furthermore, there are several rules of thumb on which kind of possible threats you will use the room for when it comes to protecting your family. If you think you heard a weird noise in the night, should your family head to the panic room immediately. Will you assign someone responsible in the family of bringing little children to the room? 

Is there a specific method you will use to notify authorities? Any method you will use for an “all-clear”? 

Make sure you don’t forget to have a line of communication to the outside world. To be safer, have an extra cell phone, radio or exclusive phone line will allow you to contact 911 once you are securely in your safe room. 

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