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Troubleshoot steps for AOL Desktop Gold not Working Problem

AOL Desktop Gold is new software which provides the user to browse the internet, watch videos, listen to music, and send email all together at one place. It is an updated version of AOL desktop which is AOL desktop desktop gold provides updated feature web browsing along with advanced security and faster browsing. This upgraded software has brought some new advanced features which make Desktop Gold more amazing than the previous version. People find this version of desktop gold easy to use and they are switching from AOL gold to AOL desktop gold. In case you don’t have desktop gold one can download AOL desktop Gold in your computer and enjoy the services

but sometimes AOL gold stopped working. In this blog, we will discuss some troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue

Troubleshoot steps for AOL gold stop working

  • The first step is to upgrade the software manually. There are constant updates in this software so keep updating your software
  • Restart your computer and scan the computer with antivirus
  • In case you have not downloaded the complete file or you have a corrupt file then download the file again
  • Remove all cache and cookies and browser history 
  • Remove all the junk files on the system
  • There might be some add on which might not be compatible with AOL desktop gold so disable those add ons


These steps are easy to perform After performing this troubleshooting step you will be able to use the software. In case your AOL gold not working issue is not resolved then  you can reinstall AOL desktop gold  Here are the steps to do so The first step is to visit the official website of AOL desktop gold and download the available version of the software

Open the folder and run it on your computer as an admin

The computer will ask you to make changes in your computer just click ok

The last step is just to follow the reinstall process prompt on the screen

If you need technical support or if you have any doubt   issue regarding this  or you need our technical team to call and help you to install desktop gold then  visit our website for more help


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