Troubleshooting Guide for Rockspace WIFI extender setup

It happens with all of us that we forget things usually. When we forgot the WIFI password and the username, in that case, reset the router to get back the default username and password. It converts the range extender in its original condition it was shipped by the manufacturer. After getting the default Rockspace local username and password, reset the password. Make it something unique with the username and password.

Follow the process that will help you to reset your Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender.

The post on this page contains all details about resetting back to a factory default configuration process to your Rockspace local WIFI extender. By chance you have made the wrong configuration or have forgotten the username and password of your extender, you need to process the entire steps given below. If you cannot access the Basic homepage of your Rockspace local wireless extender, then use the reset method.

Settings that will change after the Rockspace WIFI extender reset

When you reset your router to its factory default settings, the following changes will take place.

  1. The username and password of your Rockspace Wireless extender will change.
  2. The Wi-Fi username and password of your router.
  3. IP addresses and DNS is by your internet service provider.
  4. Any firewall and security settings that you might have made.
  5. Any general or specific configuration that you have made to your router will erase.
  1. Locate and find the reset button given at the back of your router.
  2. It is a very tiny button. Press the reset button with a sharp-pointed object.
  3.  It should be like a mobile screw.
  4. Push the button for a minimum of 10 seconds, and release it.
  5. Releasing the reset button after 10 seconds will let your router boot up.
  6. After finishing the boot-up process, your WIFI Extender will gain factory default settings.

Now you should log in again using the default username and password. And then customize your Rockspace local WIFI extender username and password to a unique one.

To perform a reset process using the web-based configuration utility, you require a piece of basic knowledge about the computer and browser. You can easily reset and reboot your Rockspace local wireless WIFI extender with this utility. For this process, download any software or tool except a web browser.

This type of Rockspace local reset process deletes all internet and wireless settings on your wireless router, such as the IP addresses, DNS, WIFI passwords, etc. So before reset, take a backup. And then, follow these steps to reset your Rockspace local WIFI router.

  1. Open any internet or web browser, like Firefox, Google and Microsoft edge etc.
  2. At the URL bar of the web browser, enter the IP address of your Rockspace local WIFI extender.
  3. Next, enter the Username and Password of your router.
  4. Then find and select the Reset or Reboot button from the dashboard.
  5. After that, click on the available Reset or Reboot tab.

Thus, your device rebooted to its factory default settings through Web-Based Utility.

After Rockspace local reset, you can access the following features  

Update your Re.rockspace.local Firmware

  1. Open any internet browser which you want. It can be an internet explorer or Google Chrome. At the Addy of the browser, type login and hit enter.
  2. On the login window, enter the default username and password into the given fields.
  3. For the username field enter, admin. And for the password field, again enter admin.
  4. Admin is the only default login information of your Rockspace local WIFI extender.
  5. You will see the dashboard of your Rockspace WIFI extender setup page.
  6. After login into the dashboard, go to the system tools under the advanced section.
  7. And then select the firmware upgrade/update option.
  8. If you found any available updates for the latest firmware of your router, follow the link given for it.
  9. The link will provide you step by step instructions to update Re.rockspace.local firmware.
  10. Follow these instructions. Now, the firmware update process completes in a few minutes.

Do you face any other problems with this process? Then we are always here to associate and resolve your queries.

Reset v/s Reboot process

There is a big tiff between the process of Resetting and Rebooting a WIFI range extender.

Rebooting: – Is a process in which you cycle the power to the Router/extender or Refresh it. The reboot process does not bring your router or the WIFI extender to the default factory configuration.

Reset: – The reset process is changing your router’s settings back to its factory default configuration. Perhaps, if you forget the password of your Rockspace WIFI extender setup username and password, then reset is required.

Check the Re.rockspace.local setup summary

Now, the setup wizard will ask you to re-enter the username and password. This password is required when you re-enter the configuration page of your WIFI extender. After that, click next. In the next step, the setup wizard will ask you to set your time zone. And then go next. Now, you could use the summary of what you did in the whole process.

  1. Check the setup summary is okay or not.
  2. And if it is okay, go next, and save your settings.
  3. Now your router will boot up to save the settings.
  4. Never try to interrupt the process as it may corrupt your WIFI extender.
  5. It can even render it useless.
  6. Now your wireless connection is ready to use with the Ap.setup login.

How do I Increase my Re.rockspace.local wireless speed

To increase the wireless speed or range of your Rockspace local WIFI extender, work on some essential solutions. These solutions will discover the best location and optimize the best arrangement of your device. You can even set the guest mode anytime using a separate password and user ID. For guest mode and parental control mode, repeat the whole process. Repeat it according to the WIFI band of your Rockspace WIFI extender setup configuration.

  1. Update and modify your WIFI connection as per the configuration of your Rockspace local device.
  2. So that there will be no data loss, and you continue to get more range.
  3. A loss of more than 100 Mbps data is after getting a dull configuration and setup.
  4. If you are receiving up to 250 Mbps (internet) over 2×2 MIMO for a wireless AC of 5 GHz band, that is not the manufacturer default.
  5. Instead, it is the default of ap.setup and Re.rockspace.local login window configuration.
  6. For the complete setup, go to http://re.rockspace.local. Then can connect your multiple devices.
  7. Place your Rockspace WIFI extender near the router only.
  8. Do not place your WIFI extender away from the router.
  9. Keep your Rockspace local WIFI extender away from all electronic and magnetic wave releasing equipment.
  10. Always position the WIFI extender on the top of the table or a desk apart from any hurdles, like books, fish tank, sofa, and heavy pots.

Always configure your Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender through ap.setup Smart setup wizard. Before being in a wireless or wired network. Check the internet connection. If you do not configure the WIFI extender through the web address Ap.setup or re.rockspace.local, connect it via the IP address The IP address will respond to any networking commands.


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