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Recreation and Sports

Truckee river fly fishing

When it comes to fly fishing in the rivers of the western region of the United States, it’s difficult to compete with what the Truckee River can offer. Compiling a list of great fly fishing spots, each of these spots is full of fish that are just waiting to jump on perfectly thrown flies.

Located near Lake Tahoe, Nevada, the Truckee River has many creeks spectacular fly fishing aided by the super clear waters whose sight makes you thirsty. You can never go wrong with a fly fishing trip to the Truckee River. Being a renowned breeding ground for fish, there is no bad fishing day in Truckee. The rainbow trout, the cutthroats, the brown trout, and the brook trout, all find homage in Truckee. Fishing goes on all year round. Although fishing at the river might be challenging to new anglers, it is definitely the place that brings out the best fly anglers. So, irrespective of your experience, pick up your tackle and head to Truckee.

Truckee River fishing points

Basically, this river has two sections; the main river- the Truckee river, and the little Truckee River. Let’s see each section

– The Truckee river:

The river is approximately 110 miles, starting from the Sierra Nevada’s mountains moving all the way to the desert of northern Nevada. Anglers usually partition this river into the east and west parts. The east river starts at the Reno fly shop and ends at derby dam while the west part starts from Tahoe and ends in downtown Reno. In either region, the huge fish await anglers who have the right fly fishing lines, reels, and rods and those who are generally patient. Several tributaries such as the Martis Creek flow into the river adding to the river volume. There are huge pools that you can explore along this river, which are home to trophy trout.

– The little Truckee river:

The little Truckee is no easy to fly fish, even for the experienced anglers. This little river is like a tail of the water released from the Stampede reservoir and it flows through meadows to gain empty into another reservoir, Boca. The little river is approximately 3.5 miles long and contains absolutely fishable water. The water temperatures are a bit low even during the hot summer season, and this is a good feature because it allows the brown and rainbow trout to thrive.

Fly fishing seasons in Truckee

– Summer:

During the summer is when the caddisflies hatch. The beautiful trouts of Truckee are just on the surface enjoying the warm waters while waiting to catch caddisflies that are also just around the surface. The second season of summer renders the river colorful with the blue-wing olive mayflies and the caddis too. During summer, it’s advisable to use streamers when fishing for the predatory trout species- if you are lucky enough, you’ll get the largest trout of your lifetime.

– Fall:

The water levels at the river drop during this season and so do the fish population. The river is not very productive during the fall, but you can never lack something to take back home.

– Winter:

Winter comes along with cold breezes in the entire Truckee region. Snowflakes form a covering around the region, but that does not limit anglers from fishing. You can ski or snowboard the river during the early hours of the day and by afternoon the water temperatures will be a degree or more high so you can be sure to catch fish. Regarding the best fly for the season, the policy of dull fly for the dull day and bright fly for the bright day applies. So use dark-colored flies during winter. However, don’t be afraid to use bright ones if they are the only ones available for you- remember anything can happen any day.

– Spring:

Fly fishing during spring is an amazingly good experience. At this time, the river has a high runoff and so there is an increase in the fish population. It is just the exact contradiction of the fall. You’ll find the trout swimming deep around the banks of the river where there is slow-moving water. The spring is the best season when you can effectively manage water currents of Truckee. Be sure not to avoid the muddy waters of the river.

Best flies in Truckee

At Truckee, you can increase your odds of landing not just any fish, but huge fish if you use the right flies. You’ll need to use dry flies when catching trout in here. This article will be more specific on four types of dry flies that will always take you home smiling at the end of the day.

– Parachute Adams:

This fly doesn’t need any introduction. It is the one fly that you should never think of fishing Truckee without. Make sure that as you leave home, you have all the sizes of this fly. It works well in all sections of the river but it works best in the sections with slow-moving water. You don’t need to fill your chest pack with all colors of this fly; you can use a sharpie to change the color and save the space for carrying other flies.

– DoubleDutch:

This fly gains more attention of the trout when the stoneflies are on the rise. The fly works like magic especially on those fish that aren’t choosy and would go for anything. Doubledutch is also praised for its good ability to offer support to nymph droppers.

– Cutter’s E/C caddis:

When the caddisflies have hatched and they are all over, this fly is amazing when it comes to catching trout in river Truckee. And it doesn’t only work at the onset of caddis, Cutter’s E/C always gets attraction by the fish even during caddis offseason.

– Rubber leg stimulator:

The fly works best when used in size 16. Such large size fly makes it easy for fish to identify it even in fast-moving water sections where fish can barely identify other flies such as the Adams. The rubber leg stimulator mimics the appearance of the Littleyellowstones and the caddis.

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