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TV Buying Guide : How To buy The Right One?

Finally decided to invest in the right smart tv but dont know how to step ahead? Buying a new tv set is not an easy task especially when you dont have many ideas about tech. But in your journey of dealing with the right product, we will guide everything. This tv buying guide successfully provides you with the right direction for choosing the best product. Entered the market of tv brings more clutter before you and the situation worsens when seeing a number of brands and models.

Choosing the right tv takes your family’s special moment to the next level. Also installing the right smart tv provides you with all the important features that you want to see. Different models, brands, and display technology leads to more complication in choosing the right yet best tv which satisfies your all future need. Without any hurry and worry, it’s time to see all the tips and tricks which lead to a healthy and worthy investment. So hold your breath together and be ready to dig into something in this guiding post. 


Must Focus On These Things Before Buying The New TV Set 

  • What screen size should you prefer?

When it comes to choosing the right size there are a variety of choices available. It is often seen that large-size screens are always better but before selecting any size you should first analyse your home. 

The size of the room always plays an important role in the best size tv size selection. You can simply understand that installing a bigger size tv always compliment your living room. Because in the living room there are more eyes watching the tv at the same time so going for the bigger size is a good option. On the other hand, you should go for a medium or small size tv for smaller rooms like your bedroom.

 Let’s see what are different tv sizes in the market perfectly fit your desirable place.

  • TVs 55 inches and below

With the availability of large screen size television in the market below 55 inches, TV is considered non-standard. And I know if you are putting this much effort into researching then you probably want something latest and high performance. So considered TVs with 55 inches and above dont go with 55 below 55 inches. 55 inches TVs are perfect for average size rooms that are neither too small nor too large. 


  • TVs 65 inches and above 

Go with 65 inches if you have plans for larger rooms you have to size up the tv. When there are many eyes watching television at the same time than 65 inches and above devices are quite a better choice open for you. You can fetch 65 inches, 75 inches and also above 75 inches tv that offers a cinematic viewing experience. 


  • What about the screen resolution?

Screen resolution is the most important term with which you will definitely interact while purchasing. Resolutions state the number of pixels on your tv screen the more resolution the clearer the picture will be. There are many tv available which provide you great visual experience. Nowadays full HD tv, and ultra HD tv are the most popular. Well, you can identify all these HD variants with the help of screen resolution in pixels. 

Full HD tv that comes with a resolution of 1920*1080 are quite popular from last so many years. But manufacturers are continuously shifting this standard HD screen to ultra HD which comes with 4 times the number of pixels. 4K HD tv offers you a resolution of around 3840*2160 pixels which provides you with more detailed picture quality. 

Well, the revolution doesn’t break here and there are 8K TVs available in the market. So you can imagine the extra sharp detailing of this type of smart TV. This is also true that this needs a heavy pocket and is not easily affordable for the most of population. 

  • What display technology should you go for? LED OR OLED

There are many screen technology like OLED LED QLED that can make you deep confusion. But you dont need to stress yourself anymore because this tv buying guide helps you with everything. 

The major difference between OLED and LED is the use of backlit. All LED tv uses a backlit panel which helps to create a picture on the screen but this is not at all the case in OLED tv. Whether you want the best picture quality, the optimum viewing angle from all sides or a contrast ratio, OLED TVs are always a winner. You get the true black level in the OLED tv but with LED TVs the black shows little grey. This is the reason why OLED tv offers you great picture quality and viewing angle. 

TV Buying Guide : How To buy The Right One?

When comparing the price of both panel technology OLED TVs always go out of the average budget as these are expensive. But if you are ready to pay some extra for the best picture quality OLED TVs are always worth buying. 

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  • What about connectivity?

  Another important thing which I want to add to this tv buying guide is the connectivity options that vary from brand to brand and model to model. Make sure to check the HDMI ports that accomplish your future needs of connectivity with different devices. If you have decided to shift from FULL HD to 4K ULTRA HD then dont miss out to check the HDMI 2.0 which is more satisfying. 


  • If you are getting smart, you will stay connected

Smart tv is everyone’s choice nowadays because they are pretty much compatible with your smartphone. If you haven’t gotten one you are lacking behind in this 21st century. Smart TVs are best for streaming online content also these TVs avoid the hassle of cables and cords. You get complete freedom of wireless device which 

Enjoy all the home content like photos, videos, and old recover all memories on the big screen with family members. Through smart tv, it is easy to get access to your favourite NetFlix, amazon prime episodes. 


  • Extended warranty

Beware of the warranty that comes with your expensive tv box. This can lessen your future stress and make you more relieved from usual tv issues. So go with a tv that offers you a good long-time warranty to keep you away from any trouble. 

  • Dont skip the sound quality

Sound quality is the most important thing you should consider in any tv before finalising it for the future. It’s just like your favourite chocolate without sweetness. Sound is something which you can’t get from any tv buying guide. Because you can only experience it by playing some music or video to check that it is a perfect fit for you. 

Wrapping up

You are now all set to fetch the best tv which contains all your favourite features. Whenever you are stuck at any point remember these given key points and rest everything will be all right.

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Always make sure to consider before you spend a large pocket on your next tv set. You can make a worthy investment that satisfies your all future plans. Enjoy your favourite movie with your family members and create unforgettable future memories. Dont be baffled to see various technologies and stick to your requirement.

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