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Twitter Might Launch “Extra Features” for Paid Users

As we have heard before that Twitter is planning to launch a paid subscription-based service for its users, it seems like the plan has now turned into a solid strategy. Recently, the social media platform has revealed a new survey for its forthcoming paid subscription service. It appears that the company would offer advanced features to the paid users like editing tweets, the capability to add longer tweets, and publish high-quality videos.


According to the evidence, Twitter is creating a subscription-driven platform with a developers’ team, and the company has codenamed its team “Gryphon.” As per various media reports, Twitter has started the survey to test its forthcoming paid features such as compatibility for profile badges, additional social listening analytics, auto-responses, and the capability to start business surveys about ads.

Premium subscription will also include the “Undo Send” feature that would allow you to revoke your Tweet within a 30-second window. Doesn’t it sound pretty similar to Gmail’s Undo feature that also enables users to withdraw a sent mail under a 30-second window? That way, you will be able to re-edit your posts before finally sending it to your audience. It will improve your overall Tweet quality as you will be able to fix the typos errors even after publishing your post.

The company is developing this new feature in response to the users’ clamor for the Edit button. Users were demanding this feature for years.

With a premium subscription, you would be able to access extra fonts and theme colors for background, mentions, links, icons, and hashtags. The most significant upgrade is the ability to post up to 5 times longer videos compared to current video settings. Also, you would be able to upload a far higher resolution than the current video setting on Twitter.

Besides, you would be able to put on a badge to your profile. This badge will link your profile to the business you own or the organization you work for. Furthermore, you will get access to use the auto-responses feature to set an automated reply.

It tells how advanced Twitter would become in the upcoming days for paid users. Though practically developing these features will be a lot harder.

List of the Features Paid Twitter Subscribers May Get

  • Profile badges
  • Job ads
  • New video publishing tools
  • Social listening
  • Undo Send
  • Auto replies
  • Custom color options
  • Education resources
  • Brand surveys
  • Insights into other accounts
  • Job ads
  • Administrator role management

Wrap It Up

These days Twitter is undergoing many issues, and one such problem is the sudden reduction in revenue. Hence, the social platform is creating attractive models for generating more income. The paid subscription service is a major income for the company.

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