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Ultimate Desert Safari Complete Guide

If you’re planning a visit to UAE, the desert safari is sure to get on the highest of your list for things to try to to in Dubai. Wondering what the hype is about? Worry no more, this write-up will take you on a descriptive journey about the desert Safari and assist you to understand why this is often one of the highest Dubai Tourist Attractions.

The Beginning

Most desert Safaris offer a devour from your point of residence for convenience’s sake. If not, you’ll meet your guide at a pre-designated point and venture on the journey. The grand 4×4 vehicle that’s used for your journey is often anything from a Jeep to a Land cruiser supported by the sort of desert safari you’ve got opted for.

Confirm you ask the driving force to offer you a background on the history and culture of the Bedouin culture before you hit the sands.

Once the vehicle reaches the outskirts of the desert, the driving force will deflate the tires and prepare the car for its full potential in terms of power. From here, your adrenaline-filled journey begins!


The Drive to the camp

Although the camp is equally scintillating, the drive is perhaps the simplest part of the desert safari. These expert drivers take your car through extreme heights, vertical slopes, and thru huge dunes of sand en-route the camp. confirm you fasten your seat belts and stay, as this may be more exciting than any roller coaster you’ve got ever been on! The Safari usually occurs with a convoy of vehicles that lead from the town to the camp.

The sights: Desert Flora & Fauna

As you cruise through the sand dunes, you’ll see the endless, vast desert stretch to the horizon which is definite to go away you adrift. Look closely to ascertain the scares but existing desert vegetation in forms like cacti. These plants are truly a sight to ascertain.

They grow in extreme water-deficient conditions and a few even flowers despite the recent desert temperature.

The deserts even have much wildlife within the sort of snakes, raccoons, scorpions, & lizards. Although camels find a range in the desert, it’s rare to identify them roaming wild within the desert. The golden hour is just dazzling within the desert with the rays making every grain of sand within the land glow bright. After you’ve got taken enough photographs for your liking, the ride will still the camp.

Camel Riding

An animal that’s probably an icon of the desert, camels are naturally capable of going without water for long periods and hence can survive easily within the deserts.

As a part of the Desert Safari, you’ll be ready to mount a camel and luxuriate in the wobbly ride for a short time and knowledge the sensation of living within the desert. a real photograph-worthy moment, don’t forget to urge many pictures clicked!

The camp

Finally, once you reach the camp, you’ll be received with a warm welcome of hot drinks and a standard serving of dates. The camp will desire a wild contrast to the journey because it is as exquisite as an oasis within the middle of the desert. With tents built huddled together and an outsized center carpeting that acts as a stage, the camp is small heaven within the middle of the desert. While you’re here, you’ll also try getting a henna tattoo from local women who are extremely talented. A core part of the Arab culture, henna is symbolic of auspiciousness and wellness.

If you wish for shisha, smoking within the camp is actually a singular experience. While there are various flavors you’ll try, the ambiance is what really makes it truly special.

Live Entertainment

The national bird of the UAE maybe a falcon. A bird that symbolizes power & poise, is often highly dangerous too. At the camps, you’ll hold a falcon in your arms and click on a brave photograph. Keep worries about safety aside as you’ll be equipped with protective gloves and experts watching closely.

Types of Desert Safaris

Before you book the desert safari tour, it’s important to understand what you’re looking forward to. So as to assist you with this. We’ve created a capsule format of all the various sorts of desert tours down below. Keep reading!

Desert Safari with BBQ dinner: The classic evening version of desert Safari, booking this tour is like ensuring your evening is going to be well spent! crammed with little adventures and good moments, you’ll return to the town after your dinner and reach back late at night with this sort of Safari.

Desert Safari with Quad Bike: Love biking? you ought to book this safari if you would like an additional experience of Quad biking through the desert. All other features resemble the evening desert safari experience.

Hummer Desert Safari with BBQ dinner: If you would like to feature a touch extravagance to your ride, you’ll choose the desert safari experience during this monster of a car- Hummer. All other features resemble the classic desert Safari experience.

Desert Safari with A/C tent: Enjoy the desert with added comfort by choosing this tour. While the experiences are similar, you’ll retire to your air-conditioned & cozy tent in-between the events. you’ll also choose the posh VIP desert Safari for more extravagant experiences.

Morning Desert Safari: If you would like to ascertain the desert engulfed by the rays of the sun early in the morning, you ought to choose this unconventional safari. It’s amid a complimentary camel ride, unlimited refreshments, and transportation.


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