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Hey guys, Welcome to our professional document translation services And today’s episode. I will tell you more about us Cas certified translation, what it is and what it’s for, and how to obtain it. Okay, So if you’re interested, give this video immediately alike and continue watching. So what is USCIS certified translation? Uscis is the acronym for United States border patrol service or whatever Ever.

And US Government accepts immigrants. But US government does not speak all the languages in the world, and therefore they prefer to receive the documents in a certified form from professional document translation services in the English language. So you bring your documents, your foreign passports, driver licenses, diplomas, transcripts, marriage, certificates, bank statements, whatever you need for your Such a case to a professional translation agency, and I’ll give you a couple of advice on how to make sure it runs as smoothly and seamlessly as possible for you. Okay. So step number one, You have to get a legible copy of your documents. Those days.

Translation Is Not an Option

when nobody had a scanner are long gone. Now, in order to submit your documents, The Originals to Action Agency online, All you have to do is to It’s to grab a cell phone, Take the page there, for example, business and the original And make it make a scanned copy with your phone. Nowadays, the cameras on the phones are pretty high resolution, So you can take a legible image, G bag, or any other format, and then email your favorite translator.

Okay, Steph advises the number to provide the proper spelling. The names In one language could be spelled differently in English. For example, Philadelphia is spelled as BH, right? It’s not spelled SF Philadelphia. And that cases such as we went bad. So your name last name, the city you’re from, could be different depending on the Relation. So, tell the certified translators ahead of time.

Tips on Finding the Best Translation and Localization Service

As for step number three, step number three, or hint, Number three plans ahead. We always receive this case has routinely when people are looking for everything done as soon as possible, But to get a sort of done to get it done as soon as possible usually costs more. So it’s so in order to avoid paying the urgency fees, try to play Ahead. Certified translation is the process. When documents first get translated, and then is being certified with the notary seal, and are printed on the paper and mailed to you.

So if it takes one or two days to translate the documents and then two to three days to mail it to you over the mail, normal male. Right? So it’s a week turnaround time for most cases. If you are, if you’re trying to do something plan ahead, translation is the prerequisite for something else. So this concludes the video. So if you are looking to get something certified, translated and certified and notarized work on them with professionals do not trust This cheap online agency that does it for peanuts, You will take actually more, When in fact, when it’s time to get your documents approved and fixed well with the professionals And all the best to you. Good luck.

Looking For A Translation Agency?

Hi, my name is Marco handsome. And I’m a Spanish translator. I want to explain today What a certified translation is when you might need one, what it looks like. And what happens with the translation. Once it’s finished, a certified translation in the United States means a translation that includes a certification statement, which is like an affidavit from the translator that signed and dated and has contact information and says, Basically, this is a legitimate translation. I’m a professional.

I’m fluent in both languages, and I certify the accuracy and completeness of this translation. There are many different purposes for certified translations. They’re often legal documents like birth certificates or marriage records that certificates Wills Sometimes their academic documents like transcripts and diplomas or credentials like a driver’s license or a voters Ration card from another country. So people need certified translations when they are conducting some legal or official transaction.

Certified Or Sworn Translation

two countries coming from one country going to another, sometimes, as immigrants Sometimes is exchange student, Sometimes looking for a job and a new country. So a certified translation has three parts, And I have a sample here of a marriage certificate. This is the title of the document You meant. Here’s my statement saying that is complete and accurate, and that I’m qualified to translate it. And then I have my stamp, my signature, and date, My contact information down on the bottom.

And then the next page this is the way I arranged them. There are different ways to do them is an image of the original document, followed by a translation of that same document, And then an image of the backside of that document and a translation of the backside. If you are submitting your certified translation to USCIS the US Customs and immigration service, It doesn’t have to be notarized, but for certain other purposes, like getting a driver’s license or registering your vehicle in some jurisdictions.

How Translation Can Help You With Your Global Business

applying for a passport or Visa, or anything That will later be a pasty old, You need notarization. So the certification statement will look a little bit different. Here’s the same original certification, followed by a notarization by notary Public, saying, I have verified the identity of the translator signing this certification, and that Bastille is a document issued by a secretary of state that can be the US Secretary of State or the Secretary of State of any of the states in the United States.

Here in Texas, There is a Napa steel and indications office in the Secretary of State building across the street from the Texas Capitol. So if somebody is sending a document that originated in the United States too, Foreign country for any of a number of transactions with the government of that country, Sometimes they’re required to get the original atmosphere filled and a certified translation also at the steel. And so we can prepare the translation certification. And for people who are in Austin.

Translation and Academics

they usually carry it to the Secretary of State themselves for the APA style that final page on top, or for people outside of Austin. Or if we’re in a hurry, we can handle the courier service for the atmos dealing as well.

There is no language barrier for academic work and research. But their author does. One of the biggest obstacles for academic writing to attract more readers is the language barrier. Often the author’s native language limits the appeal of his discovery or literary work. Translation services can help independent and institutional researchers and writers to present their work to more people. This can result in additional sales, greater theoretical acceptance, and other academic opportunities for a global audience.

Translation needs of scientists

There are a large number of documents that can be translated for the academic environment, including:

  1. diploma
  2. Translation
  3. paper
  4. academic magazine
  5. textbook
  6. novel
  7. Multimedia presentation
  8. Website

Translation agencies provide academic translations for schools, universities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, businesses, and individuals.

Academic Translation Details

Translating academic material that is difficult to translate requires more than just memorizing norms from one language to another. Academic writings often use subtle arguments and technically difficult writing to depict complex topics. The translation of poetry works is especially difficult. A successful academic translation maintains the original tone and creates a professional translation that can convey both the meaning of the source material and the context.

Translation Cost Savings Tips

Sometimes the original language of a book is very popular. But if the translation of this book is not well done, it will have no meaning in another language, so it will not be very good in another language. However, when this book is translated and localized into a new language, readers will understand the contents of this book and have more connections with it. If readers can resonate with this book, it will sell for more than books they have no contact with.

How Changes to the World’s Economy

To this end, translation service providers must rely not only on talented linguists but also on translators who are familiar with the subject matter to be translated. Translators must have academic and university sincerity to familiarize them with the areas of research and topics discussed in the original work.

Top Technical Translation Tips

The ultimate goal of academic translation is to create a document that reads as if it were originally conceived and written in the target language. Without it, the bland style and clunky wording can wreak havoc on the translated work and weaken its ability to attract a wider audience. If the public cannot get in touch with the book, they will not recommend it to others. The information can be top-notch and very detailed. But if the public doesn’t understand it, or it’s hard to understand, they’ll get discouraged. Having an accurate academic translation ensures that it makes sense in whatever language you want to translate it into.

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