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Use 6th street code For Swimwear and Activewear

Special Swimwear and Activewear for Muslim Girls in Saudi Arabia

Active Muslim girls want to contest in sports and gaming activities. Water sports are among the most favourite activities in Europe and America. Coupon.ksa presents 6th street code on the special swimwear and activewear for Muslim girls. There is a special style which favours the girls who don’t want to show the skin.


This is a modern term against the “Bikini.” As a matter of fact, bikini dresses are more famous and common in the western countries. Women love to have attractive and bright bikinis for the summer seasons especially when they visit beaches. The “Burkini” is a new choice launched by modest Islamic fashion houses. It comes with full-body coverage and a hijab. It means that you will be free and comfortable while wearing this dress.

Styles and Colors:

It becomes really difficult to confine women when it comes to colour and style. Whether it is a panty or a swimsuit, women want to see different styles and colours. The Burkini is a valuable asset for the Muslim girls who want to contest with their European friends in water games. Don’t feel limited. Wearing this swimsuit has several advantages.

Social and Traditional Acceptance:

This swimsuit is favourable for the ladies in the Muslim world. Jeans pants and t-shirts are common in Arab countries. Women in Saudi Arabia love Denim jeans pants but they wear it under the Burka. In this way, they enjoy wearing beautiful jeans while covering the body with a big overall. The Burkini offers what these ladies desire. There are several companies producing this stylish swimsuit. We are going to list the name of few companies.

  • Ahiida: This is the House or Burkini.” This Australian company produces high-quality swimsuits offering full-body coverage.
  • SplashGear: This is a California based company founded by a Marine Biologist. The swimsuits offered by this company are valuable for girls who love Scuba Diving. The set comes with hair cover, pants and shirts.
  • Ruby’Z Enterprises: It is a valuable fashion design offering fashionable, affordable and modest swimwear for water sports. However, these swimsuits are affordable but applying 6th street code makes it easier for small budget holders to buy these dresses.
  • MyCozzie: It offers a wide range of swimwear for women. The company is famous in the Middle East especially UAE having modest policies for the women. The buyers get a cap, pant, and tunic style shirt for comfortable swimming.
  • Modeskini: This is a UK based fashion brand and it is available with 6th street code. Wearing this modest swimwear allows the girls to have full-body coverage. It is also available in large or extra-large sizes for the plus-size women.

The Muslim world is changing and it is not far behind the western cultures. In fact, Muslim fashion houses have found a way to mix with western cultures but in a modest style. More studies about Islamic dressing and cultures is important to understand the basic things.

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