Use the Laboratory Fume Hoods in the Best Ways

A Laboratory Fume Hoods is a type of ventilation system, which mainly works to provide protection of personnel nature against dust, vapors, and toxic fumes. And its next function comprises of the Laboratory Fume Hoods protecting against spills of chemicals, hit reactions, and also fires. It acts as a barrier between the user and the experiments. So, Laboratory Fume Hoods are the safest one to use for any kind of scientific research and experiments.

  1. How Chemicals Enter Our Body –

Chemicals can only enter our body through the process of inhalation. Even a slight inhalation can cause toxic fumes to enter into the body. Now, in our blood-streams the chemical fumes, vapors, and toxic gases can enter and it also contains very minute particles which can easily settle in our lungs on the alveolar region. A Laboratory Fume Hoods, which is designed properly and is operated in the right manner, can reduce the user’s exposure to hazardous fumes, gases, dust, and vapors.

  1. Restricts the Contaminating Materials –

Laboratory Fume Hoods limits airborne material which is hazardous by diluting it with huge amounts of air, taking it through a system of exhaust and then later on expelling the air in the vents which are located on the roof of the building. If the Laboratory Fume Hoods is properly used especially the sash it can also protect the worker from reactions which are uncontrolled. Though there are Laboratory Fume Hoods which are annually inspected and tested to get a report about the standard of performance, but it also mainly depends on the worker/user to use the Laboratory Fume Hoods safely.

  1. Uses of the Laboratory Fume Hoods-

Now, there are certain ways to use the Laboratory Fume Hoods, safely, and they are as follows – The first and the foremost thing which you are supposed to do is that all the work which is related to hazards, volatile material and products are supposed to be done or performed in the fume hood. And before you start the work it is also important to check that the fume hood is working properly. To check the flow of air you can do one thing that flows a strip of tissue or paper or a ribbon can be fastened to the sash of the fume hood.

  1. Closed Windows & Doors –

Whenever you are working in front of the Laboratory Fume Hoods, avoid disturbing air currents and cross drafts. And please make sure that the windows and doors near the Laboratory Fume Hoods are closed. And if possible always maintain a distance of 15cm from the opening of the laboratory fume hood. And whenever you are doing experimentation where you are boiling the products or materials or conducting the experiment by using reactive chemicals use the sash or the safety shield. Don’t forget to use that. It’s important or it can affect you badly and might inhale the gas or chemical.

  1. Materials Should Be Sealed –

In the Laboratory Fume Hoods, while working keep the sash low. You can keep it as much low as possible. The velocity of the face of the air over the given section (cross) of the opening of the sash is constant as it is increased when the sash is lifted. And the most important, when you are not using the fume hoods keep all the materials and products which are sensitive and also not sensitive in a seal. Seal all the materials which are not in use. This is another protective method of using the Laboratory Fume Hoods.

  1. Keep Away the Electrical Devices –

To avoid any kind of chemical explosion and sparks and fire, if you are using a flammable chemical then connect all the electrical devices and wires outside the fume hood. And if you get any kind of alarming signs while using the Laboratory Fume Hoods, and if it is not working properly, then you should call the service center. And be ready with an action plan in case if you meet up with an emergency, when you are using extremely hazardous chemicals or using acid materials etc. And the most important while using the Laboratory Fume Hoods do not place your head inside the hood.

Are You Ready to Carefully Use the Laboratory Fume Hoods?

Now, that you know about Laboratory Fume Hoods and its proper uses, it can be safely concluded that you can go ahead and use the fume hood for your experiments. And if possible keep your hands out of the fume hoods as much as possible. And don’t use it as a storage place, only the chemicals with which you are going to work should be present in the fume hood. Don’t use the fume hoods to dispose of harmful materials through air dilution. So, you will have to carefully use the fume hoods.

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