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Variety in Gold Jhumka Earring Styles is Essential for Every Woman’s Jewellery Wardrobe

The jewellery you wear may make or break your appearance and clothing. Gold jhumkas or buttalu (in South India) can be worn for every event, no matter how formal or informal. These earrings are popular with ladies and girls because of their elegance, awe-inspiring beauty, and sensational feel.

Finding the right pair of earrings to go with your outfit is the first step. You can take gold jhumka earrings designs from Vaibhav Jewellers into consideration here.

For those who want to wear a wide variety of gold earrings designs and have a collection of them, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular gold jhumka styles. Check out the jhumka patterns you’d want to wear for yourself or, more likely, to give to a friend or family member.

Ruby studded gold jhumkas

Our 22K Traditional Ruby Studded Antique Jhumkis (SKU: VBJ-A-97F) is a unique and exceptional design compared to the more frequent ruby emerald gold earrings. The flower patterns encrusted with rubies and the jhumkis at the bottom are exquisitely highlighted with hanging tiny gold beads. Combine the Ruby red with a solid red dress or opt for a colour contrast with any other coloured ensemble. This piece is a synthesis of traditional royalty and contemporary fashion. If you are a bride, this one-of-a-kind item is ideal for you. These earrings will grab attention even at any social event or a party other than a wedding. You can wear them all day without facing the slightest discomfort. Pair these jhumkas with any stunning ethnic ensemble or even a western ensemble to create an Indo Western style.

Peacock Jhumka

Anyone who loves to wear traditional Indian gold jhumka earrings designs will be enchanted by our Royal Antique Peacock Accented Jhumkis (SKU: VBJ-A-99L). In antique craftsmanship, these twin peacocks inspired jhumkis made of 22K yellow gold with rubies and gold balls. Such jewellery lends a mysterious air to your ensemble and helps you look and feel your best. Combine these beautiful, dreamlike earrings with a black saree with a broad golden border to exude a unique charm and sophistication that will turn attention everywhere you go.

Cubic Zirconia Jhumkas

Diamond jhumkas will be an excellent alternative for those who want non-traditional jhumkas. However, not everyone can afford these high-priced gemstones. Thus, Cubic Zirconia acts as a saviour. Cubic Zirconia, abbreviated CZ, is a low-cost synthetic diamond alternative. Radiate pure elegance with our 22k Umbrella Cut Gold Jhumkas Earrings (VE-331), which are studded with tiny CZ stones and will instantly brighten up your whole attire. This earring design is unique, with a CZ-studded white gold strip merged with 22K yellow gold sporting an umbrella pattern. Whether you’re dressed in a fancy gown or a stylish anarkali, these non-traditional jhumka patterns will help you shine even brighter. Taking proper care of our cubic Zirconia gold earrings designs will maintain their brilliance for years.

Sleek and Stylish Minimalistic Jhumka

Is it possible to fall in love with something at first sight? If not, then our 22k Noor-e-Bahar Gold Jhumkas (SKU: VE-349) are here to convince you otherwise. These urbane gold earrings are a must-have accessory since they blend in like magic with all of your clothes and make you stand out from the crowd. They are difficult to ignore. You can team these one-of-a-kind minimalistic earrings with your business wear outfit or with your casual wardrobe to create a significant style statement wherever you are.

Jhumkas with a swanky swagger

Another jhumka earring worth mentioning is our 22KT Semi Precious Buttalu Hangings (74VI8093). If you’re used to seeing just gold earrings, you’ll be pleased to know that the colours are making a comeback, and you can expect to see more vibrant options on the jewellery market in the near future. This piece has a lot of razzle-dazzle for its unique style and vintage elegance. Using red and green stones in an elaborate arrangement produces a stunning contrast. Add a dash of colour to your wardrobe with these eye-catching earrings. These glistening and exquisitely made jhumka patterns will add a touch of glitz to any contemporary or traditional ensemble. Such gold jhumka earrings designs are both dramatic and elegant, infusing an expanse of colour into our timelessly beautiful masterpieces.

Gold Jhumka with oxidised finish

Jhumkas with an oxidised covering carry a relic appearance. Traditional attire is enhanced by such beautiful jhumkis, which bring added radiance to the overall appearance. If you’re unsure what to wear to birthday parties, family reunions, or other social occasions, these earrings can be an excellent option.

Online Catalogue of Gold Jhumka Earrings 

We are now online as a result of digitisation. Thus, our entire collection can be seen on our portal with a few clicks. From simple flower motifs to gemstone Jhumkas, from antique artistry to temple classics, you’ll find it all in our inventory. We guarantee national and worldwide delivery, purity, quality, and the BIS hallmark. Our collection of earrings is limitless, from children to teens, working ladies to senior citizens.


Live Video Shopping

With the addition of our new ‘Live Video’ shopping option, you can now get a better look at your product before making a purchase online. Our jewellery experts will walk you through our selection to get a feel for it. It’s obvious why this function is so popular; you can access any design you want and choose the finest for yourself. All these right from the comfort of your home!

Virtual Try-on

As the instances of Covid-19 continue to grow, people are fearful of venturing out for even the most basic requirements. Keeping that in mind, we have introduced our ‘virtual try-on’ option.

Our virtual platform enables you to try on jewellery in real-time. Visit our website, open your camera, and presto! Make yourself feel unique with virtual jewels.

We’ve included this methodology so you can compare various gold jhumka earrings designs and choose the best. You can try on a variety of jhumkas without even touching them. What could be better than this? This real-time experience allows you to wear the outfit your jhumka matches precisely at home.

Final words:

Gold jhumkas are a timeless accessory that will never go out of style. The hanging beauties in our collection come in various types and patterns, so do your research before you purchase to ensure you get the best deal. Just select one of these captivating designs, and you’ll be the talk of the town on every occasion.

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