Voice Based Social Networks: Understanding and Leveraging the Clubhouse Trend


One of the most talked-about social segments online is the voice based social networks. In fact, due to the extremely rapid changes and new media entering the market, we had to pause and update several times while writing this POV.

We’ve been following the voice trend for many years, with the rapidly growing voice search and voice assistant industry leading the way in the latest trend. It seems like everyone is talking about Clubhouse, but few people understand it or how to use it. Discord, Twitter, and even Facebook are among other options.

Reasons For The Trend Of Voice Based Social Networks

These audio-social platforms allow you to jump in and engage in conversation without scrolling or staring at the screen, which can result in screen fatigue, zoom fatigue, or both.

With the popularity of smart speakers, bright earbuds, and other similar devices, it’s the ideal time to take a walk or just relax at home and engage in conversations of your interest without looking at your phone.

These platforms essentially take podcasting to the next level – imagine listening to a podcast about something you’re interested in, surrounded by others who share your interests, and in real-time. Able to chime in and share your thoughts.

Key Characters: The information below is current as of the end of April 2021. Companies are constantly adding new services to this ever-changing market.


The Clubhouse has garnered the most buzz from all audio, social platforms both through word of mouth and online press. Clubhouse is still in closed beta, available only on iOS, and is still invite-only as of this writing.

Despite being in “closed beta”, Clubhouse now has over 3 million members and is valued at over $4 billion as of April. Andreessen Horowitz, his primary investor, has backed nearly every major tech company, including Twitter, Okta, Skype, Facebook, Lyft, and most recently, the blockbuster.

Clubhouse Clone App has become the answer to many industries facing new challenges in connecting with industry peers and fans alike. Entire industry “clubs” are on the rise, and unlike in the past, healthcare isn’t far behind.

There are already a fair number of health numbers in the clubhouse; Some health clubs have tens of thousands of members. The Healthcare Startups Club has over 4000 members, while the Healthy Equity Club has over 21,000 members.

Some Important Tips to Consider on the Clubhouse App

  • It has so much credibility now that such an influential investment firm backs it. Adding even more power to the clubhouse, Elon Musk recently hosted a talk there, which aided in the growth of the user base.
  • Clubhouse is a mobile app that allows you to keep track of people and clubs with similar interests. You can join these discussions whenever you want, or you can even start your own club. 
  • There is a dedicated club for almost every health condition. While there is no advertising on Clubhouse, brands can participate in a variety of ways. One way is to create a club dedicated to your brand or position.
  • Can create brand profiles and include interests in them. Going the non-branded route for a room or club will allow keyword tags around the terms. There are many ways to improve both your profile and that of your club or room.
  • Brands may also sponsor existing rooms dedicated to the diseases they treat. There’s a lot of room for growth, and not much competition.
  • Additionally, on March 14, 2021, they announced a Creator Accelerator program that will, among other things, help creators engage with brands – a key component of influencer marketing.


Discord has the longest history of any audio, social media platform. It was founded in 2015 and now has a user base of over 100 million people. Discord, on the other hand, was mainly the focus of gamers and streamers.

Discord Clone App is currently promoting itself as “your place to talk”, emphasizing the formation of diverse communities. Unlike the other platforms mentioned, Discord has a desktop app and a full set of moderation tools for community leaders.

It’s not just about the voice; It functions similarly to a traditional online group, with users and community members being able to share files and links as well as chat in a text-based format. Only voice chat channels can be created.

Although there are no opportunities for display advertising, brands can create communities to foster interaction among users with similar interests.


Swell is a new addition to space as of mid-March 2021. It differs from Clubhouse in that it focuses on micro podcasts. Swellcast allows users to create their own accounts and record up to 5 minutes of audio. 

Swell users can replay the chat whenever they want and leave audio commentary or questions for the original author to answer at their leisure.

On Swell, there are three main ways to communicate:

  • Wellcasts are open to the public and can be shared over the Internet. You can participate in your Wellcast as well as any Open Well cast.
  • Members-only and invitation-only groups You can start a group for your friends, family, or place of business. In a group, all conversations are private.
  • Messages: Private messages sent to one or more Hilarious users.

Because Swell is so new, we expect to see a lot of changes and new features.


Last month, Spotify is on a hiring spree to make a significant push into live audio after acquiring Betty Labs, the owner of the locker room app — which is a clubhouse-style platform for sports discussion. Spotify is looking to hire over a hundred people to work on its live audio service.

Details are scarce at this time, but with Spotify recently announcing a 24 percent year-over-year increase in active users to 356 million — of which 158 million are premium subscribers — we expect their offering to have a significant impact. Will happen.

How Can Brands Engage In Voice-Based Social Networks?

While these platforms are still in their infancy and changing rapidly, brands must continue to focus on what their branding looks like and how it feels. What kind of material would you like to cover in the clubhouse room, who will present it, and how will you present it? 

The process of creating space on Clubhouse is simple, and any brand can do it, but the sound, content, and panelists should all captivate and provide value to users. It is important to create and optimize your profile so that potential followers can find you.

Many Of These Principles Can Be Applied To Multiple Platforms

As we said earlier, Voices is a rapidly evolving platform. With the rise of digital assistants, streaming audio ads, and now voice-based social networks. It is more important than ever to consider the voice recognition of your brand. With an audio-based mobile app platform, you can have the best creative campaign on the planet, but it won’t help you.

Your brand is the only thing users can hear. Going forward, your brand voice will be an essential branding factor. This is a completely new market that is currently untapped, with little or no competition. Having a strong foothold now will only help brands succeed as the voice continues to play a vital role in marketing campaigns.

Final Remarks

Clubhouse can be a beneficial addition for startups looking to establish a virtual presence through social media platforms. Many believe that this platform with its unique audio-only features is going to be the next big thing.

The exposure that these platforms provide to startups enables them to engage and engage with their target audience, venture capitalists, and investors in a unique way. However, startups and established brands must play their cards carefully to connect with the right people, increase their following on social media platforms and establish a brand name.


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