Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus Sold Out in Minutes

Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus, Games Workshop’s new exclusive limited-edition box set was released for the public online to pre-order. Astonishingly, everything was sold out within minutes. Game Workshop is now planning to dole out extra units. This will be something that hasn’t been done before by the tabletop making company. And the pre-orders have already started for people who were left out and did not receive the game in one go, without any premium, and at the original listed price of $199.

Warhammer has been a game-changer since its very inception. Before it ever came out, miniature wargame rulesets were designed. These used generic models since they are available with multiple manufacturers but Warhammer was designed to use proprietary models. The game was initially called Warhammer Fantasy Battle, as it carried a medieval fantasy theme, where different armies battle it out. The results of the fights are decided by dice roll and simple arithmetic.

The game comprises extensively detailed warrior miniatures that the players use to battle. The battlefield itself is full of different terrains, like buildings, trees, hills, etc.  Created by Rick Priestly, the game takes on fantastical elements such as dragons and spells even though it is primarily based on warfare from the medieval times.

The new launch was carefully planned ahead

The pre-order was launched across many different international time-zones; even then all it took was a matter of minutes. With the speed with which they were running out of stock, the limit per person was shifted from six to three, and now it is one per person.

One box set comprises 61, brand-new minis of Space Marines and Necrons. And the new 9th edition ruleset for Warhammer 40,000. After being thrashed by social media for not getting everyone a copy of the box set, the British makers came out with strong statements to curb the anger of the masses. A news release by the company on their website talked about how this wasn’t what they had planned, and the company understands how many people were unable to get themselves a copy. The company plans to make that right.

They also stated that this was the highest number of box sets produced. And still, they ran out of stock so fast. Even they were surprised by the overwhelming response. And thus, to rectify, the boxset will be made available on a Made-to-Order basis, although only for a limited time as well as there’ll be another round of production undertaken at the Games Workshop factory in Nottingham. If you’ve ordered it from a game store, you’re likely to receive your boxset by the end of the month.

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