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. TheThe wedding dress perfects the wedding ideas of the bride. Marriage is one of the biggest dreams of life. Every bettor wants to be full of colourful clothes. So this blog is for those who are thinking of making a difference in wedding dresses. Here are 10 wedding dresses available in Australia.

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Long gone are the days when the US and Europe were the hotspot places for a lady’s big day outfit. The concentration is gradually spreading out to the Asian and other European countries like Israel, Barcelona, Pakistan and recently Australia, which to be fair has taken the market by the scruff of its neck. Not long ago, Australia had very limited few big bridal references, but lately, a new breed of designers and their enterprises are cropping across its map. This evolution has provided new tangents to this arena in the form of a melting pot of diverse talents and cultures. Let us shed some light on some of the trailblazers of this development.


Cathelin Jia

Cathelin Jia:

Cathelin Jia, based in Melbourne has a knack for creating absolute masterpiece elements of romance. An innate ability to adeptly combine vintage art with modern design sets their dresses apart. Cathleen Jia has arrived with a dashing new website and brand identity and initiated her “Signature” campaign, carefully curating the brand’s flagship products and timeless classics. They present a catalogue of spectacular Minimal Gowns, Romantic Tops, Textured BottomsVeils and other bridal accessories.

Grace loves lace

Grace Loves:

Next up, comes Grace Loves Lace is among the unique bridal brands and has made ripples across Pinterest and other stock photospheres. There is good reason for their product to be the most pinned in the world. They seem to have a perfect blend of sophistication and designs along with ordinary aesthetic pleasure providers. They are designed with the finest lace and silks and its made in Australia. With a user-friendly website providing for sample bridal tests and other features, it is an absolute go-to place for any prospective bride.



Thereafter, Nevenka is a nascent and innovative ‘bridal brand. Their selling proposition is all about, with big ruffles, tacky details. And flowy laces to grab the attention of any viewer. With a production process spanning the widths of the world, it brings diverse designs to the plate. In Spite of all the frills, it still retains the elements of romance and wedding.

Georgia Young Couture 

Georgia Young Couture

Georgia Young Couture is the bridal brand to look out for any prospective bride for their stunning contemporary styles have had a wider and wider reach in recent years. Unveiling a range of dramatic silhouettes, feminine structure and unusual use of geometry, their luxurious gowns still draw brides who want to take the classic wedding day to the next level.

silvana tedesco wedding dress

Silvana Tedesco

We discovered Silvana Tedesco just a few months ago, and have been smitten with her stylish, seductive, innovative wedding dresses ever since. Based in Melbourne, Silvan Tedesco have created a host of stylish, almost erotic and innovative wedding dresses which are bound to send the viewers crazy. Their remarkable ideas are very abashedly reflected in their dresses and their gown vary from relaxed breezy styles to dramatic works of modern art.

Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell

Within seven years of establishment, Anna Campbell is already a noteworthy Australian bridal designer. Her gowns are reflections of a  whimsical vintage aesthetic with crystal embellishment and awe-inspiring details with recent products edging a tad bit more towards modernity. A go-to designer elegant, pretty wedding dress with plenty of glamour. That is some set of outstanding brands that can make one’s wedding that bit more special in the numerous clicks.

wedding dress

Jason Grech happens to be one of the most highly reputed and awarded names in Australian couture fashion today. Jason is the world’s first fashion designer to partner with IBM for their Cognitive Couture collaboration and was the inaugural inductee to the Kangan Batman Fashion Hall of Fame where he is an alumnus. Their stable which is also a heritage site in North Melbourne is home to the workshop. And showroom where all the magic takes place. With all gowns designed, made and beaded here painstakingly by hand in the purest atelier traditions.

For the purpose of a sample real-life wedding dress inspiration, one can take a view of the vintage chic wedding of  Jo and Vaughan’s Wedding at Private Property, where the bride donned Grech during her wedding celebrations. 

wedding dress

Collette Dinnigan

Collette Dinnigan is one of Australia’s most successful and renowned fashion and interior designers. In 2017 Collette was honoured with nothing other than the Order of Australia. And was also the Special Guest Editor for Vogue Living’s ‘Italian’ issue.

Claudia and James’ Wedding

To have a real-life wedding dress inspiration check out the colourful travel-themed wedding of  Claudia and James’ Wedding at White Pavilion, where the bride wore Collette Dinnigan during her wedding celebrations. 

Angela Wilson opened their doors in 2009 and managed to create a bustling bridal empire that represents some of the best names in the business.

Virginia and Angela both travel extensively to bring to the “racks” the very best in the market. The success of this mother-daughter team is proud to represent such amazing and well known American designers as Amsale Bridesmaids, Donna Morgan Bridesmaids and more recently the new White Collection.

wedding dress

Marry Me Bridal

Marry Me Bridal is passionate about providing the highest quality in service. Built on being one of the leading bridal businesses on the North Shore. With a diverse collection of Australian and international designers. Our style combines traditional silhouettes with modern glamour and romantic beauty, reflecting the bonafide style of our brides. 

Raffaele Ciuca Bridal wedding dress

Raffaele Ciuca Bridal

Raffaele Ciuca Bridal has with a lot of pride established itself in one of Australia’s largest selections of wedding dresses for over 60 years. Browse our finest collections online and book an appointment with us in one of our bridal shops. We’d love to meet you. Situated in two Melbourne locations, our boutiques can be found in Armadale and Brunswick.

Mariana & Ivan’s

For a real-life wedding, dress inspiration checks out the gorgeous wedding of Mariana and Ivan’s Wedding at Chateau Yering, where the bride wore a Regal gown by Anastasia by Demetrios from Raffaele Ciuca during her wedding celebrations.  

Australian wedding dress designer Karen Willis Holmes has been at the forefront of bridal fashion since being established in 2000, providing beautifully designed and handcrafted wedding gowns for the elegant, modern and timeless bride. They built the team in Australia and New York. All their employees were involved in the production of beautiful garments. Focused on making quality clothes.  And the aim brides we have the pleasure of working with. Our goal is to always create a one-of-a-kind, personal and genuine experience for brides when finding their perfect wedding dress. 

Paolo Sebastian

The first Paolo Sebastian was collection unveiled in 2007 signalled the label’s foray right into the fashion world. And there was no looking back since then. In the years since, the label has become one of Australia’s leading couture houses, releasing two couture collections. Moreover, a year with sales increase rapidly year after year. Subsequently, in 2016 Paul Vasileff along with his team launched the Gilded Wings collection in Paris. And becoming the first South Australian label to do so.

A star attraction on both the runway and red carpet. They specialize in couture tailored to accentuate the beauty of the individual.

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