What are the challenges faced by affordable housing in Gurgaon?

Affordable housing has undoubtedly gained considerable prominence in Gurgaon in recent years. However, affordable housing in Gurgaon still faces several challenges arising from multiple factors. Despite the high demand for affordable homes, not many projects under this segment have been developed. Considering that shelter is one of the basic needs, this is indeed a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Through various schemes and policies, the government has been actively trying to provide the affordable housing segment with a much-needed boost.

The demand for affordable housing

The census of India in 2001 showed that 28% of the Indian population lives in urban areas. A decade later, the 2011 census recorded a metropolitan population of 31%. However, affordable housing in urban areas hasn’t grown at the same rate.

What is causing a hindrance in the development of affordable housing?

Despite the urgent need and high demand for affordable housing, the segment fails to grow at the rate it should. This is due to a variety of issues faced by the developers and the homebuyers.

What are the viable solutions for these issues?

Like any other issue, there are solutions for affordable homes in Gurgaon too. While some of these have already in effect, the rest need to be worked on.  

The growth of the affordable housing segment in Gurgaon is the need of the hour. The government and the developers need to work together to come up with properties at reasonable prices. Several projects offering affordable flats for sale in Gurgaon have emerged under the Huda affordable housing policy. The trend is expected to grow, with the constant support from the government towards this segment.

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