What are the Roles of a Security Guard During an Emergency?

In any neighborhood, a business or a location, the biggest concern for anyone from the staff member to the top managerial member, security is the biggest concern for all. This is the most logical manner to go with as a precautionary measure so as to prepare oneself, one’s business, or any location for all types of emergencies. In such events of stress and quick action, the only ones to succeed are highly trained security guards. They can not only secure the premises and maintain control over the situation but they are also highly capable of working alongside the authorities and ensure safety is the priority for all the unguarded members of the location. 

Looking at the duties and responsibilities of security guards during emergencies, let’s discover the roles of the security guards in times of distress and chaos. 


Most of the time, in businesses or the places where security guards are appointed, are given clear directions of their roles. Each area is different and in these varying locations, there could be diverse emergency situations. Hence, these security guards are told about their roles. In an area where there can be a gang influence, a security guard would require the help of a backup whereas, in areas with a less intense environment, a guard can be given the freedom to take all the action and bring control in a situation. 

Fire Emergency:

One of the most important emergency responses is during fire emergencies. In such events, security guards are trained to perform their drills and training sessions and handle the situation accordingly. Hence, they work closely with the authorities and help the employees, occupants, and customers escape through their devised routes and methods. 

Normally, this is one of the most witnessed emergencies as many events eventually lead to a fire. So, the security guards are trained to patrol the areas and maintain control over the situations. They conduct mobile and traditional patrolling to ensure that all the areas are being monitored and there are no chances for an emergency to escalate. 

They watch out for: 

Alarm Responses:

Besides the fire responses, the security guards should also be responsive to any type of alarm response. In times of technology, all the processes have gone online and virtual in more cases. This cloud-based software and tech-savvy equipment have been integrated with alarms. If the security guards keep their attention sharp, they can sense all types of alarms and limit damage and ensure safety for all the people at a location. 

Some of these responses are:  

There are many other roles of security guards but the ones mentioned above are interlinked with the standard procedures for any security guards. Besides these, the additional ones are enforced and relayed by the departments and the nature of the business the security guards are offering their services to.

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