What Are The Steps Of Refrigeration Installation That A Company Provides?

As time changes, every industry is progressing much in the field of science and technology. You are well familiar with the new appliances that are coming every year to divide your workload and making your work easy for you. As in ancient people apply different spices or techniques to preserve the food but nowadays the different machines have invented in which you can put or preserve your food for a longer time and it also preserves its freshness for a long time. You have the refrigerator and freezer for the preservation of your food and many other appliances are working for the same function. And for this, you need a professional for the refrigeration installation who will know every step about how to install and fix different appliances that are working for this purpose.

There are some occasions on which the demands for the professionals doing the installation work increase e.g. a new year is an occasion on which the demands of the professional increase by the customers. All the appliances which work on this principle to cool the space and keeps the food preserve for a long time are included in this category.

Steps for the Installation Process

There are different steps for the installation of refrigeration appliances and system start

-up which are as follows:

  • Refrigerant Grade Copper line should be Closed
  • Ensure that a filter or dryer should be installed in the liquid line
  • Use of copper alloys in the indoor and outdoor units
  • Visual Inspection of the Joints Quality
  • Connect the different components
  • Evacuation of the refrigerant lines and evaporator coil
  • Pre-charging of the Condenser
  • Release the Refrigerant Charge from the Condenser Unit
  • Inspection of the air filters
  • Start the System

The refrigerant copper line should be closed so that it does not collect any contaminant. It should not be opened and should be filled with dry nitrogen gas. A professional should make sure to install the filter or dryer in the liquid line of the factory or the plant. The alloy of 5% and 15% of silver, braze refrigerant line is used between the indoor and outdoor units with the flow of nitrogen through the lines. So that no carbon would be deposit inside the joints. If the carbon would deposit, then it will contaminate the refrigerant and apply a restriction on the metering device.

Refrigeration Installation

Visual Inspection

After the brazing of the line set, a professional would do a visual inspection of the joints to ensure that there is no leakage in the joints. After this install, the Schrader valves cores and pressurize the line set and evaporator coil with dry nitrogen having pressure in between 125 to 150 psi.  Again check for the leaks.

Connect the Different Components

Then connect the different components such as manifold pressure gauges, vacuum pump, and micron gauge. Release the nitrogen charge and being evacuated. If you want a faster evacuation then the gas ballast valve should be left open at the 2-stage pump until it reaches the 1000 microns. After that close the valve. Then do the evacuation of the evaporator coil and the refrigerant lines up to 300 microns or lower than this. This takes 15 minutes to make sure that the system is not contaminated.

Then, turn off the valve and vacuum pump and close them for at least 10 minutes to make sure that the reading of the micron gauge does not go back to 700 microns. If the reading goes, then repeat the process until it does not go back and all the particles should be removed. So that there is no contamination in the system and also no leakage.

Length of Line Set

If the length of the actual line set is greater than the default line. Then the professional should pre-charge the condenser. The pre-charging of the condenser unit charges it for a given line set. After this, the refrigerant charge from the condenser unit releases into the line set and evaporator coil. Then, a professional should check the filters of air to make sure that there is no dirt in the filter. Now, start the system, and after starting wait for at least 15 minutes. After starting check the temperature drop and the statistics. EZ Temp provides the best professionals for refrigeration installation.

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