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What Hospital Bed Should You Use for Home Care?

Even though it’s where you spend at least seven hours every day sleeping, most people are hesitant to invest in a new bed. When it comes to home care, it’s even more important.

A cheap or old bed can mess up your sleep cycle and cause back pain, both of which will put you in a bad mood. Depending on a person’s physical condition, even a standard bed could cause getting up or breathing difficulties.

If you’re buying a bed for home care, here’s why a hospital bed might be your best option.

Hospital Bed vs. Conventional Bed

Deciding between a hospital bed and a conventional bed should come down to patient mobility, comfort, and other individual factors.

Hospital beds for home care make it easier for caregivers to adjust your bed’s angle and help get you out of it. They provide a comfortable and safe sleeping experience. In some cases, especially when recovering from respiratory diseases, people breathe better sleeping while sitting up.

Although hospital beds are generally pricier than conventional beds, they’re well worth the cost.

Types of Hospital Beds

The types of hospital beds you consider are going to depend on your needs and budget. These can range from electric beds to more specialized models.

Manual Bed

A manual hospital bed has no electronic features. As such, it’s usually up to the caregiver to adjust the bed for the person using it. These are the most affordable models you’re going to find.

Electric Bed

You’ll often see the type of hospital adjustable backrest for bed in actual hospitals is the electric bed, fully operational by the patient via a remote. While these are more expensive than manual beds, they’re great for giving their users more independence.

Bariatric Bed

A bariatric hospital bed can hold much greater weights than other models and are usually wider as well. This type of bed is what you’ll likely buy for a heavier patient, and it’s also fully electric.

Trendelenburg Hospital Bed

The Trendelenburg bed offers the most adjustments out of these four types of hospital beds. Individual parts of the bed can be adjusted for maximum comfort. However, you likely won’t be purchasing this model unless you’re willing to spend premium prices.

Affordable Hospital Beds

Hospital beds can be pricey, but they’re also a necessary medical supply for some patients. Medicare covers it if you prove that necessity.

Alternatively, you can look for a used hospital bed online. While they may not be as good as new, they’ll most likely be functional enough for your purposes.

Take Care and Sleep Well

Some patients will spend most of their days in a hospital bed, so you want to be sure you’ve bought them the best one.

If a caregiver is available, you can get away with a much more affordable manual bed. A Trelendenburg bed usually isn’t needed unless a patient has specific needs.

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