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What is a fire alarm system?

What is a fire alarm system?

A fire alarm system; is a protection system that can alert the employees and customers in a building about the danger of fire. This system controls all the fire detector units installed at various places in the building or any business place. Fire detectors can detect the fire at a very early stage and help the people to run away from the space. They can save from a huge loss to the owners. Another thing that should be considered as a protective measure against fire hazards is fireproofing.

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Why it is important to install a fire alarm?

There a lot of places where it is essential to install a fire alarm otherwise it can cause irreparable loss.  For example when we consider a hospital where the patients are already in tough conditions, if the fire arises all of them will not be able to run outside. In the same way, in shopping malls; thousands of individuals are present at the same time on different floors and it is very difficult for them to leave suddenly in an emergency. Many other places like hotels where the customers do not know what is happening outside or maybe sleeping, if not informed timely they can lose their life.

With the help of a fire alarm system at public places or private offices, all the individuals are given an alert at a very early stage of fire. They can leave the place to save their life. Installing a fire alarm is not enough because it will only make you alert but not extinguish the fire. If it is connected with the fire suppression system, it will serve the best because the whole system will not only alert the occupants but also start to blow out the fire quickly. If this system is automated, it can control the fire immediately when it starts. In manual systems, after the alarm sounds in the place, management staff runs to start the installed extinguishing system or operate the manual fire extinguishers. Manual fire extinguishers are very easy to operate as they are light in weight and easy to carry to the required place.

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Types of fire alarm detectors

There are various types of fire detectors that are installed in the concerned area. Main control or what we can say the brain of the detectors is in the alarm control panel. It controls all the operations. When a signal is provided, the sounders produce sound to alert the audience.

The main types of detectors are:

Smoke detectors:

They detect smoke that may be produced by the fire. Smoke detectors also have variations like light scattering smoke detectors, ionization detectors, and light obscuring smoke detectors. When they identify a change, send a signal to the control panel.

Carbon monoxide detectors:

They are the electronic detectors and identify the levels of carbon monoxide in the air. When there is a fire, the carbon monoxide level rises in the air beyond its limit. So they send the negative signal to the control panel and it works to alert the audience immediately about the danger.

Heat detectors:

They efficiently detect heat from their surroundings. There is a value of temperature that is present in them. When the heat crosses the preset limit, these detectors start sending a signal to the control panel and it will alert people about the danger of fire.

Manual call points:

They are operated by the personnel and are used to aware the occupants about fire or maybe any other emergency. It has the benefit of automated systems that it is run when there is a real emergency. While automated may start operating even when the drilling actions or other construction works are ongoing in the area.

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