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What is Commercial Cookery? How to Be a Professional Chef?

The Chef, or head chef, is the person in charge of running the kitchen and making everything work. We explain what to study to be a Chef & Commercial Cookery, the requirements and the work you do.

The kitchen manager has the responsibility of managing and directing a team of chefs, cooks, waiters, etc.

As well as being knowledgeable about elements, history, colours and flavours in the management of culinary art; occupying this position also requires fostering creativity and innovation.

How to Be a Professional Chef?

Indeed, the Chef, or head chef, is the person who is in charge of directing the kitchen and making everything work; he/she is the mortar of all the staff in the section; he not only directs but also leads, makes decisions, chooses dishes, prepares the menu.

In addition, he is in charge of purchasing supplies and stock management.

Choosing a university career involves many things, from knowing your best skills and competencies to identify which degree can bring you closer to what you are passionate about.

As a starting point in the chef career, you have to study the theory of cooking and the pre-preparation and preparation of culinary products. So far, everything is straightforward, right?

If you like cooking, you are interested in learning about the various culinary cultures of the world, and you are looking for a university degree that will ensure a broad field of work.

Your best option is to study commercial cookery.


Cookery is a discipline that studies the relationship that food has with culture in a given time and covers a wide range of knowledge such as culinary techniques, nutrition, marketing, finance and history.

All this knowledge will make you a great candidate to work in food companies, restaurants, hotels and cruise ships, as well as in institutions responsible for quality control and research of food products.

In addition, this career will train you to open your own business in the future since you will learn to prepare delicious dishes and how to open, operate and market your own restaurant.

Functions of a Chef

The main functions of the Chef are:

  • Team leadership (games and kitchen brigades)
  • Decision making.
  • Choice of menu items.
  • Preparation of the menu.
  • Purchase and supply of raw materials.
  • Kitchen stock management.

Requirements to be Chef

And these are the requirements for you to be a top Chef:

  • Passion for the kitchen.
  • Creativity.
  • Teamwork.
  • Leadership and communication skills.
  • Enjoy between the stoves.

Would you like to study for this degree? Next, I will talk about 7 aptitudes that you must have to study commercial cookery.

Let us begin!

Taste for Cooking 

You don’t need to know the terms of cooking, food pairing or conservation to study this career because you will learn that during your studies.

However, it is essential that you are interested in these topics.

Suppose you are passionate about cooking delicious dishes, feeling the different textures and flavours of different foods, and experimenting with different combinations of ingredients. In that case, this career is most likely for you.

Remember that even if you like a branch of cookery, for example, confectionery or baking, you will have to study all the specialities, such as oriental, Mexican, European or haute cuisine.

This way, you will have all the tools to satisfy all palates and nutritional needs.


Imagine that you cook in a large restaurant and have ordered from various diners simultaneously; only by working as a team will you be able to ensure that all those customers leave with a full belly and a happy heart.

For this, you need to learn to identify your greatest strengths and areas of opportunity, as well as those of others, so that they can make all processes more efficient.

Remember that working as a team implies trusting the people around you and yourself.

Don’t worry if you haven’t mastered this skill; you can improve as long as you’re willing to work on it.

Observation and Analysis 

Cooking a succulent dish involves a specific combination of ingredients, various processes and a lot of attention, so being attentive to details and having the ability to analyze what each menu needs is one of the skills necessary to study cookery.

If you are one of those, who can choose the best vegetables at a glance, of those who identify when a dish is ready to be served, or it is easier for you to have the correct measure of each ingredient by simple observation, you have mastered this skill.

Anyway, don’t trust yourself. Even the best chefs in the world use tools to help them in the kitchen.

Order and Cleanliness

You can have all the experience and knowledge about a dish, but the lack of order in your work can sabotage all your efforts.

In this sense, to study cookery, you need to be exceptionally organized in your workplace, keep the steps to carry out a procedure and keep your space clean as you make your recipes.

This can prevent you from significant disappointments, for example, something falling into your dish that shouldn’t be there, your ingredients getting dirty or mixed, or your dish not turning out as it should because you don’t follow a particular order.

This does not mean that to study cookery, you need to be obsessed with cleanliness and order, but you do have to be able to follow specific processes and take care of your workplace.

Service Attitude

Nothing better to satisfy your guests than being able to listen to their needs and expectations. Remember that cooking a dish is not about doing something that you find delicious; instead, you must prepare something that your customers will not forget.

To achieve this, an applicant to study cookery must be:

Empathetic, helpful, and with a positive attitude; he must be willing to help and understand those who will taste his creations.

In addition, you must be able to accept criticism because you have to understand that all the comments made to you will make you grow professionally.


The food industry is always in constant motion; if you enter a restaurant kitchen, you will be impressed by the speed with which everyone has to work so that a dish comes out on time and with the quality that diners expect.

In this sense, a leadership attitude is needed to face this sector. You will see this reflected in moments when you need to make decisions quickly, when you need to motivate those around you and when you face a crisis.

For example, if an ingredient was finished or one of your colleagues had to be absent. In these circumstances, you must react proactively and find practical solutions.


Every skill takes practice to perfect. Just because you’ve experimented with a particular culinary technique without success or tried some combination of ingredients without good results doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

A person who aspires to study cookery must be willing to try as many times as necessary to achieve their goal.

Although sometimes it may take a long time to master a technique or cook a particular dish, believe me, it will be worth it in the long run.

In conclusion, this career needs people with a great passion for cooking, critical and analytical thinking, always wanting to learn, and, above all, people who have a positive attitude and are open to new experiences.

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