What is CorelDraw and How to Learn CorelDraw Course?

Hello friends, today information has been shared on this page about what is CorelDrawand How to Learn CorelDraw Course? So that you can read complete information about CorelDraw.

Earlier we had shared the information on how to convert from CorelDraw to PNG file, you can read by clicking on it.

What is CorelDraw?

CorelDraw is mostly used in Professional, Small Business, Designing, etc. such as –

Apart from this, CorelDraw is also used in making books, pamphlets. CorelDraw is a graphic editor if seen. Which is used to edit the photo, apart from using CorelDraw –

Which windows does CorelDraw support?

CorelDraw supports almost all windows but CorelDraw was originally built for Microsoft Window-3. Later it was updated, since then it runs in Window-7, Window-8, Window Vista, Window-7, Window- XP, and Window-10, that is, you can easily install it in these windows.

CorelDraw was launched by whom?

Corel Draw is a vector graphics editing software develop by Corel Corporation of Canada, launch in 1989, later many features have added to it. Its latest version is X8 which was publish in March 2016. Corel Draw is design for editing logos and posters. It is use for software design and the web.

What can you make with CorelDraw?

With CorelDraw, you can easily create visiting cards, wedding cards, projects, posters, banners, birthday cards, education books, booklets, painting drawings, etc. You can also do a graphic design course with CorelDraw.

How to learn CorelDraw Course?

You can easily learn CorelDraw. You can join the institute for this. You can also learn through the internet online on youtube. You will find many videos about CorelDraw on YouTube, you can easily learn CorelDraw on the computer by watching videos on YouTube.

How to Download CorelDraw?

Friends, are you very fond of designing and you like to design, CorelDraw is a very good software for them. Which you can download easily. Stepwise is give below, follow carefully.

  1. First of all, you have to download CorelDraw, for this, you can click on Download CorelDraw.
  2. On clicking download, you will get the option of Trial Download, in which a trial of 15 days will be give, after which you have to click on the download option.
  3. As soon as you click on download, you have to select the window in which your computer is running, if there is a window, then select the window or not, you can select Mac.
  4. After selecting Windows or Mac, download CorelDraw Setup.
  5. After downloading the setup, click on the Run option.
  6. After clicking on Run, the option of Continua will come on the next page, click on it. After clicking, the process for CorelDraw downloading will be see.
  7. After waiting for some time you will see that CorelDraw will have installed on the computer.
  8. After installing CorelDraw, you have to accept the Term and Condition and click on the Agree option.
  9. After clicking on Agree, a new page will open in which you have to enter your Mail Id, Password, Confirm Password, India and finally tick the check box and click on Continue. Now you will see that CorelDraw has been download.

How to Learn CorelDraw Course?

Friends, you have learned about the Corel draw course near me and how to download CorelDraw, but I am going to tell you further how to run CorelDraw. I Will read it completely step vise till the end-

Learn about CorelDraw Tools

If you are a new user then it is very important for you to know about the tools of Corel draw. If you understand the tools, then you can easily do designing in CorelDraw, so try to know the tools given below.

Tools below:

  1. Pick Tool – Select Position or Transform Object.
  2. Shape Tool – Edit a curve object or Test character manipulating nodes.
  3. Crop Tool – Remove the area and outside selection
  4. Zoom Tool – Change the Magnification level of the document Window
  5. Freehand Tool – Draw Curve and straight line segment
  6. Artistic Media Tool – Add Artistic, Brus, Spray and calligraphic effects by using freehand strokes
  7. Rectangle Tool – Draw squares and rectangles by dragging in the drawing window
  8. Ellipse Tool – Draw circles and ellipses by dragging them in the drawing window.
  9. Text Tool – Add and edit Paragraphs and Artistic text.
  10. Drop Shadow Tool – Below shadows behind or below the object.
  11. Transparency Tool – Partially reveal image areas underneath the object.
  12. Color Eyedropper Tool – Sample colors and apply them to the object.

With the help of the above-given tools, you can easily do the designing work, so it is very important to have knowledge of these tools.

If you want to do designing work, they also know these tools.

Coreldraw Tool Shortcut Keys

  1. Corel draw help – F1
  2. Zoom tool – F2
  3. To reduce size – F3
  4. Fit in the window – F4
  5. Freehand tool – F5
  6. Rectangle Tool – F6
  7. Ellipse tool circle – F7
  8. Text tool – F8
  9. Fullscreen – F9
  10. Shape tool – F10
  11. Fountain fill – F11

Coreldraw Shortcut Key

  1. CTRL + A – Select all
  2. CTRL + B – Bold
  3. CTRL + C – Copy
  4. CTRL + D – Duplicate
  5. CTRL + E – Export
  6. CTRL + G – Group
  7. CTRL + I – Import
  8. CTRL + J – Option
  9. CTRL + K – Break Apart
  10. CTRL + N – New
  11. CTRL + O – Open
  12. CTRL + P – Print
  13. CTRL + Q – Curve
  14. CTRL + S – Save
  15. CTRL + T – Format Text
  16. CTRL + U – Ungroup
  17. CTRL + V – Paste
  18. CTRL + X – Cut
  19. CTRL + Z – Undo

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What are the benefits of CorelDraw for good designing?

Using CorelDraw can have the following benefits which are below.

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