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What is Microsoft Teams and Who Should be Using it?

There are various collaboration platforms to choose from. But from all of them, one platform that particularly stands out is Microsoft Teams. And we get it free with Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

So, let’s have a closer look into everything one needs to know about this excellent collaboration solution for businesses, freelancers, and everyone who works in a professional environment.

What are some of the features of Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform that can be used to share documents, online meetings, and many more important features to communicate with different businesses.

To have an excellent team space is crucial to make creative decisions and to communicate with one another. Shared workspace software executes this task much more easily, particularly if a particular team comes from a very large corporation, has many employees who are working remotely. Learn about migrating Teams migration from one tenant to another tenant in detail.

Some of the features of Microsoft Teams which make it stand out compared to other platforms.

  • Teams are made up of different channels, which are communication boards between teammates.
  •     All members in a team can be viewed and they can be added to different discussions in the General channel. We can make use of @ function to invite members to different discussions.
  •     The chat function can be found within most collaboration apps is also available to communicate with different teams, groups, and individuals.
  •   Every team that uses Microsoft Teams will be able to access the site in SharePoint Online, which contains a default folder to store all the documents. One can also customize permissions and security options for confidential information.
  • You can enjoy uninterrupted and fast video calls with your employees, business clients. It is very much necessary to have a good video call feature on a collaboration platform. You can also enjoy swift desktop sharing for all your technical support.
  •  With Teams, one can also conduct online meetings with users up to 10,000. We also get a scheduling feature, a note-taking application, file uploading, and a chat option during the meeting.

Why Businesses Should Use Microsoft Teams?

There are many advantages for businesses to use Microsoft Teams, as it is extremely user-friendly and can support a work environment between the user working remotely within a large corporation. Get to know about the benefits of GPU Dedicated Server in detail.

Two options to consider if you are using Microsoft Teams.

The Natural Approach. A business can adopt to implement Microsoft Teams in a completely free manner, where everyone in the company can use it anyway according to their needs, which makes the growth of the platform grow naturally with time.

The Regulated Approach. This is a more controlled approach that involves specific usage of the Microsoft Teams platform.

You can choose any approach from the above that perfectly suits your need. There is no right or wrong approach, it depends on the usage pattern one tends to follow.

Lastly, we can only say that Teams is a great and extremely helpful collaboration environment that will only get more popular. Microsoft Teams is incorporated in Office 365 for free, so any Office user can experience all the benefits of this collaboration solution. Learn how we can make use of Azure VDI and other cloud desktops for hosting MS Access database online and some other apps.

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