What is test tube baby?

What is a test tube baby?

Test tube baby is a procedure to help infertile couples conceive. Through it sperm and eggs are combined together for fertilization outside the human body. It is a breakthrough treatment that has helped a number of infertile couples in living their dream of parenthood.

Test tube baby is the layman term used for IVF. Many people, who are unaware of the procedure, confuse the two whereas in reality, both are different names of same procedure.

What procedure is adopted for test tube babies in Pakistan?

The procedure of Test Tube Baby in Pakistan is the same as IVF. It consists a number of stages. However, the main stages are as follows:

  1. Firstly superovulation takes place, at this stage female is stimulated with hormones in order to produce more eggs in a month than usual.
  2. When these eggs mature, they are retrieved from the uterus for fertilisation.
  3. Later on, the sperm retrieved and eggs are combined in a culture medium for fertilisation. They are monitored and kept in incubator until they develop into embryos.
  4. When the embryos are formed, the healthiest ones are transferred back to the uterus so, she can conceive.

When it is recommended?

Test tube baby is recommended when your infertility cannot be cured through other treatments. However, it is recommended to people when a couple is struggling to conceive due to the following conditions:

Is test tube baby in Pakistan successful?

The success rate of test tube babies is influenced by many factors. These factors include the age, medical and genetic histories of the couple. People are eventually becoming aware of test tube babies in Pakistan. With the rising population, fertility issues are also increasing in the country. Due to this many people are seeking to be treated.

The first test tube baby in Pakistan was born in 1989, which indicates that this procedure is far more successful in Pakistan than one can think. Infertile couples are no more hopeless since the treatment has been introduced in Pakistan.

The success of this treatment also depends upon the fertility clinic chosen. A number of successful IVF clinics are present in the country offering this treatment out of which Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic is the best with 65% success rate, which is one of the highest in the country.

What is the cost of  test tube baby in Pakistan?

Test Tube Baby is an expensive treatment. The cost of a test tube baby in Pakistan ranges from Rs.300,000 to Rs.550,000. This cost is quite less compared to the one offered by infertility clinics of developed countries. Still a vast number of people in Pakistan are unable to afford this cost.

For this purpose, Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic is offering packages to assist you financially in your already quite stressful journey. We believe that no one should be deprived of the joy of parenthood. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in assisting our worthy patients in whatever way we can.

Children are the source of happiness. But, unfortunately, everybody isn’t blessed with the natural capability to give birth to a child. For people who face issues in conceiving and giving birth in a natural way, IVF may be salutary.

What’s IVF?

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a treatment that involves combining the sperm of a man with the egg of a woman outside the body. During the treatment, the croakers
remove the eggs of a woman from her body and fertilize them in the lab to produce an embryo. When they start to grow, the croakers
return the embryos to the uterus of the woman. The ultimate success of the treatment comes with the birth of a healthy baby.

still, numerous of you do not know about the secrets that lie with IVF treatment. Before you decide to be hopeful, go for the treatment yourself, and have your own baby, you must know them.

You may need IVF indeed after conceiving naturally before

It’s a common mistake made by people who suppose that if a woman can conceive naturally without any backing, also she can do it again. Unfortunately, it may not be in all cases. numerous times, secondary gravidity occurs when a woman can not get pregnant naturally indeed after given birth to one or further babies.

It can do due to health changes and age. occasionally, the reason can be beyond explanation. still, consult with a gynecologist or visit a fertility clinic to have proper individual work overdone.

IVF can not guarantee that you’ll give birth to a baby

generally, people suppose that IVF can surely give them a beautiful baby. Unfortunately, IVF doesn’t always affect in a 100 chance for gestation. Successful live birth after IVF depends on the age of the eggs of a woman along with other factors. With age, the chances of successful results drop.

IVF Pakistan can affect your internal health

It’s stressful to deal with gravidity and consider IVF. Parents who aren’t getting material fathers face depression, anxiety, and other cerebral issues. Again, maters who suffer IVF can feel depressed. Croakers say that during this time, new internal health issues can do or pre-existing issues can come severe.

Cases must prioritize their internal health. Emotional support is veritably important during this period. This can be with each other, with close family or musketeers, in support groups, or with therapists.

suppose about your fertility indeed if you aren’t ready to have a baby at the moment generally, women in their mid-thirties and beyond struggle to be pregnant or give birth to babies. Confinement is more common in women of advanced age in comparison to women in their twenties and early thirties. The women’s eggs’ quality decreases with time. It becomes harder for them to be pregnant, grow the baby in their womb and give birth.

Your mood can change constantly
It’s normal to have mood swings during gestation. also, if you’re witnessing IVF, you may feel emotional swings. The involved hormone shots are responsible for mood variation. You can partake your passions with your croaker.

Your cycles perhaps dragged

typically, a woman’s cycle is around 28 days long. On the other side, an IVF cycle takes much longer. People may not realize the quantum of time. Hence, appreciatively call your fertility clinic on your period’s first day if you have decided to go for IVF. You may have to visit the clinic for ultrasound and blood work on day two or three of your period.

Also, you’ll get a hormonal goad shot every day for 10 to 12 days. It’ll help your body to produce further eggs that are mature. Further, experts recoup and fertilize these eggs. There are more procedures that take place in the lab. So, overall time increases.

You get the chance to do good for others

Numerous times, women can make further embryos than their need. They can bandy with the concerned croaker
and contribute the redundant embryos to the families who can use them to have babies. The process named embryo relinquishment has made it possible to contribute embryos to couples who can not conceive by using their own embryos.

For this purpose, Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic

is offering packages to assist you financially in your already quite stressful journey. We believe that no one should be deprived of the joy of parenthood. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in assisting our worthy patients in whatever way we can.

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