What is the Acca Strategic Business Leader’s Manual?

A redesigned ACCA test series is starting off now as September ends. One of the brand new technical papers, Strategic Business Leader (SBL), has been introduced. But, instead of simply joining two older technical papers into a new one, the ACCA also proposes to combine six into a single, new technical article. This newly launched series will serve as an alternative for the upcoming Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) examination.

The six topics of this SBL syllabus include: Information Security Processes, Organization and Business Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Information Technology Development, Accountancy Methods, and Financial Management. These topics were the subject matter of previous ACCA exams. Now, they will be the core of the upcoming MCTS exams. The six topics, in turn, are designed to gain professional marks for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCS), as well as other professionals in other fields, specializing in different types of technology-based exams. In fact, the entire set of ACCA syllabus has already undergone several revisions already.

The creation of the six new topics from the previous version of SBL Online is already an obvious move towards making the exam more rigorous and challenging. The current version of SBL only contained four topics. On the other hand, the ACCA Strategic Business Leader will contain twelve different topics. As a result, the exam will become tougher, with a higher level of professionalism required by most applicants. So, the question that follows is whether the idea of creating twelve separate tests is meant to increase the difficulty of the exam or to make it more relevant and professional. The answer is both.

The main reason why the SBL syllabus now includes twelve different accreditation exams is to ensure that all professionals have the same high level of accreditation. This ensures that everyone who will take the exam can assume the same professional skills, which will make them eligible to sit for the exam. Besides, it is easier to monitor all the papers once they were published, compared to the situation that existed before when only the top students had their papers published.

Aside from the twelve different accreditation papers, the SBL also comes with case study materials. The case study materials will help prepare you for the exam, as they will act as practice questions that you can use to jot down answers to specific questions. There is no guarantee that the case study materials are exactly the same as the actual ones used on the exam, but they are still very useful. Plus, it will not take you long to prepare for the SBL exam as you already have many practice questions sitting around in your head, waiting to surface. Also, taking the time to study for and prepare for the SBL exam is one good way of preparing for a future career.

Finally, the Acca Strategic Business Leader’s Manual contains a number of templates that you can use to create your own work area, as well as to create worksheets. It includes basic worksheets such as motivational management, organizational communications, strategic planning and technical communications, along with a number of more specialized templates that you can use to address your specific needs. As, well as the manual itself, the Acca Strategic Business Leader’s Manual also comes with practice test papers and multiple-choice questions that you can take and compare with the real exam. The entire syllabus is designed to be user-friendly and comprehensive, and as you work through the books and the exercises included, you will see just what areas you need to focus most of your attention.

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