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What Is The Best Solution For Hair Loss?

People mostly ask that what is hair transplant? The answer to this is often given negatively as hair transplant reviews have dismally been poor. This is due to the earlier 1980s hair plug techniques which used to create hairline that looked unnatural and unusual. But unlike those days, nowadays hair transplant technology thickens your hair and provides a better look to your diminishing hairline.

What do you know about Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a cosmetic method that which involves gathering hair from the donor site and planting them on areas with menopause hair loss on your scalp.

A common question asked by most people is that how hair transplant works, so they should know as not all your hair is affected by DHT, a hormone that causes your baldness. The hair transplant surgeon, by moving DHT resistant hair from the other parts of scalp to the front of your head furnishes you with thick hair and a fuller head.

Initially, hair transplant procedure was carried out using plugs which looked unnatural, although it helped in replenishing the receding hairline. Hair transplant procedure has now advanced. Surgeons now use FUE and FUT methods to implant hair follicles as a result to thinning of your hair and baldness. The best thing about these procedures it that they make the hairline look natural unlike the previous hair plug method.

What are FUE and FUT methods?


FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction while FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation

Both the methods produce good results with only a few differences.

In FUE technique, units from one to four are extracted from the scalp using a particular instrument. These hair follicles are then implanted on the top of the head or to the areas with hair thinning to restore the hairline and thickness of hair.

Benefit of FUE:

The main advantage of FUE transplant is that is doesn’t leave large prominent scars. There are tiny scars as a result of this treatment, but are hardly visible.


In this technique a strip of skin is removed from the back of the scalp. Then the hair follicles are extracted from this patch of skin which the surgeon then implants on the top of the scalp or wherever needed.

Benefit of FUT:

There is a higher rate of hair survival in this method. While the drawback includes a large scar at the back of the head which is easily visible.

Apart from the scars both the procedures produce attractive results in the hair restoration.

Why should I opt for an Experienced surgeon?


People always ask is hair transplant safe? So they should understand this point that selection of an experienced and skilled doctor would assure their safety. An expert surgeon in this field would know better than an unskillful one that who is the good candidate for this treatment. How and what to do to ensure safety. The treatment performed by a professional will provide you with your desired results.

Is hair transplant painful?

Hair transplants are not very painful, but you could experience a little post-surgery bruising and discomfort. Pain relief medications are also of great help in the post operative recovery. Overall hair transplant is not a painful process.

What should you expect from Hair transplant procedure?

Getting yourself ready for hair transplant and gathering information regarding the treatment is important.

Is hair transplant permanent? This is the first thing that comes into your mind when you consider hair transplant. You should be practical and realistic about the outcomes of this procedure, but keep in mind getting hair transplant doesn’t abolish hair loss permanently. Every body reacts differently to the procedure, so you still have to regularly maintain proper hair care. You can check hair transplant price in Pakistan online easily.

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