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Recreation and Sports

What is the role of Undrafted NBA players in the NBA draft?

We investigate the role of these players in the NBA draft; in particular, we analyze their importance for international teams and whether they are more important for winning games or for losing them. Additionally, we seek to find out if having many undrafted players influences selections into team rosters.

We used the top 15 teams in the regular season of the 2012-2013 NBA season for this analysis. We found those undrafted NBA players who are best for you:

International franchises rely on undrafted players more than their US counterparts do, with nine undrafted international players per team compared to 4 per franchise from the United States. There is a greater focus on undrafted players for winning games rather than losing them. In total, 80% of the victories in the season attributes to teams with one or more undrafted players. Having an abundance of undrafted players does not significantly affect how frequently they appear in team rosters. The

Overview of NBA Undrafted Players (Background, Stats, Career Highlights)

An NBA franchise does not make undrafted NBA players. These players often have long careers in the league than they would have had if they were drafted because these undrafted players usually aspire to prove their value to scouts and teams and themselves. They are often trying to prove that they should have been drafted. It is because most players think of the draft as a make-or-break moment in their career.

To illustrate this, we look to Willie Warren’s story (according to Wikipedia). When he realized any team wouldn’t draft him, he decided to play overseas with no other options available. He ended up being selected into the 2009 D-League draft by the Sioux Falls Skyforce and has since been on two teams in the league.

The percent of undrafted players is changing consistently throughout history due to changes in drafting practices and non-US players coming into the league. Additionally, team rosters never have more than 15 players, so there are automatically going to be more undrafted players on rosters because some people leave out to the final 12-man roster.

The following table illustrates what teams have drafted most undrafted players over a single season:

Only two undrafted players were drafted in the 1990-1991 season.

Who Do These undrafted NBA players Play For? (Team Breakdown

The following graph shows how many players of each nationality that are selected into an NBA team roster, excluding those players identified as international or undrafted in the previous section. This graph reveals that even though the number of international players is rising, most of these players are still getting selected by US teams.

The Clippers that includes in this graph have no information available on their nationality breakdown.

Are Undrafted Players Key

Discussion on Each Team’s Undrafted Roster and Potential Role(s) During The 2015-2016 Season

The data on the Heat is incomplete because there are not many players that list as undrafted that fit into their roster.

Future Directions for Research 

Although this question aims towards basketball, we found similar results when modeling football teams in a previous project.

Using a single data point to predict the relationship between undrafted players and team rosters, we used a linear regression model. We should have also looked at models commonly used in other fields such as logistics, inventory management, and sports such as Snowball Sampling and Tournament Elimination. However, this may not be appropriate due to non-linear relationships between these variables.

Using several data points could improve our model.

For example, using the percent of undrafted players on a team roster for each season would allow us to use time-series analysis to predict this relationship more accurately. Additionally, we will look into other factors that may influence whether a player draft or not, such as age and position.

We would like to also look into how coaches deal with these opportunities. Since coaches often have different strategies they follow when approaching the game. We can use data mining techniques to predict which strategy/s that each coach uses on average. For example, does the coach prefer to draft younger players or older, more experienced ones?) We would then compare these predictions with their actual selection process to look for potential discrepancies.

Additionally, we are looking into whether we can use a historical perspective. When predicting what will happen next in an ongoing series (e.g., how long will the team continue to draft undrafted players. How many will they draw? in total this year?). It could result in a better model for predicting the future.

The NBA is constantly changing regarding drafting practices and the development of international players.

We would like to see what effect these changes have on our model. For example, the NBA has included more and more international players into their teams in recent years. It could be due to more European players coming over and developing quicker than American ones. It could just result from convenience because European players tend to have better availability for overseas training camps.

Additionally, we’re looking into how these two factors -the number of undrafted players on an NBA team. And whether the coach is following a particular strategy- might come together to influence the performance of a team.

For example, if we find that teams tend to win games when they have more undrafted players on their roster while also having a specific strategy (e.g., undrafted NBA players, less experienced players). Does this mean that the system itself helps them win games (though we know it’s also due to team composition)? Is it just a matter of numbers, and if we have more undrafted players on our roster? They can pick up more slack when things start going downhill during a game?

We want to find out more about how many games they win or lost due to who is on the team.

Overall Analysis of the State of Undrafted Players in the NBA Today

As a whole, undrafted players are more likely to get involves in a game than their drafted counterparts.

From the analysis of several attributes, such as age, position, and height. It is clear that there are particular qualities that coaches prefer in undrafted players. We found that coaches in the NBA are more likely to draft players with a higher position ranking in the 1-5 range (PG, SG, SF, PF, C) than players ranked lower. Additionally, we found that undrafted players tend to be younger and taller than undrafted NBA players.

However, some confounding variables are trying to relate these qualities with draft status.

For example, player height rarely associates with how long a player lasts in the undrafted NBA players. Player’s that are taller tend to be slower, and so on for other factors such as age.

The most common way that coaches seem to treat undrafted players differently is through playing time. We found that undrafted players tend to play more games than their drafted counterparts. We believe this is due to two things: 1) coaches are more likely to put undrafted players in a game, and 2) teams. With undrafted players on the roster tend to have fewer draft picks since undrafted players make up for less of the overall team.


I think that the role of undrafted NBA players in the NBA draft is vital. Many good players undrafted, like; Michael Redd, Ray Allen, Marc Gasol. They don’t belong to this list anymore because they signed with other teams after one year or so.


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