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What Is WordPress? Overview for Beginners

You are most likely to ask what is WordPress if you are a newbie in terms of blogging or website development. Well then, the soothing news for you is that without having any prior knowledge about coding, you can build a strong web presence with this extremely user-friendly resource. Moreover, it is free to acquire and can be easily had at the official WordPress site. Therefore, whether you are looking to start an online business or effectively promote your products amongst the target audience, this blogging tool promises an enormous advantage.

Anybody wishing to know what WordPress is must gain some insight about its modus operandi. This open-source framework uses MySQL and PHP to operate and is preferred for it exceptionally simple modus operandi. Consequently, the majority of entrepreneurs all over the world use WordPress to promote their services and products. Hence it makes sense to ally with WordPress. Now given to acquire a highly professional and innovative WordPress website or blog, you need an equally professional WordPress development company.

What is Special about WordPress as an Online Publishing Tool?

There are a range of attributes that make WordPress the most preferred online publishing tool. Here are some pointers about what’s in it for you:

  • You can simply install it and start operating.
  • You are completely in control of your online activities and the outcomes because of its spontaneous dashboard.
  • You have a large assortment of widgets, plug-ins, themes, templates, etc.
  • You might not know what is WordPress or anything about web designing but can still build a blog or website just as a pro.
  • You allow users to register, open profiles, and leave comments on your WordPress blog or site.
  • In addition, you can also keep a watch on commenting spam through its open proxy regulator and blacklist manager.
  • You have trackback and pingback support.
  • You rest assured of WordPress integration, whether got Linux, MySQL, PHP, or Apache environment.
  • You can spice up your blog and website by integrating it with YouTube videos, and reach out through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

With the whole assortment of widgets, modules, and plug-ins offered by WordPress, you get an exceptional website or blog that is all customizable and secured. When you integrate these attributes in your website or blog with the help of adept WordPress development services, you are geared up for a futuristic approach in business!

With so much of obvious advantages to reap, you must have understood what Word Press is. But as an entrepreneur, internet marketer, blogger, or webmaster, you must know what F5 Buddy assures you as part of our WordPress development services:

  • Absolute affordability in developing your WordPress website or blog.
  • A team of expert WordPress developers at your disposal.
  • Outstanding WordPress themes, plug-ins, widgets, etc., and their full compatibility with multiple environments.
  • Expert consultation for WordPress architecture and design.
  • Implementation and installation of complete WordPress CMS framework.
  • Augmenting your existing WordPress blog and website for superior performance, including optimization.
  • Flair up your present static web design to WordPress CMS
  • Enhanced security for your WordPress website or blog to safeguard against hackers.
  • Incorporate newer and facilitating plug-ins.
  • Dedicated and expert WordPress development for customized solutions and frequent maintenance.

Word Press has turned out to be a dominant platform in terms of visibility and promotion. So the question is not what Word Press is, but how can you fully equip your website or blot with its customizable features. Do write us a line and we will come up with a concise Word Press development plan that to perfectly fit your business needs!

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