What Is Your Brand Strategy Consulting Services?

The image of your personal brand is how people see you, what they think about you. We will help you unlock your potential and build a trustworthy image that expresses your true values, beliefs, dreams and talents, passions, specializations, etc. Your life will become complete, and your personal branding will help you attract the most suitable people and opportunities, and help you achieve the highest results in your brand strategy consulting services.

In marketing activities aimed at improving the image and reach of personal awareness, we use the strengths of a person interesting to people in order to create a personal brand concept specifically for you. At the same time, he remains himself and does not need to play the role of someone who he is not. We help a person to pump up, open up and convey information about themselves to the world in the most appropriate manner and form. We use working methods that have proven themselves, do not endanger your reputation, but in agreement with the client, we can pull off a very interesting and non-standard PR campaign!

Creating a personal brand can become a separate resource for earning money and in any case will be a good assistant in your affairs. It is no accident that many companies are named after their founders.

When developing and promoting a personal brand, we use a serious scientific approach.


  • Developing the essence and authenticity of the personal brand concept.
  • Visualization of your personal brand: creating a photo and video portfolio, creating other necessary identity of your personal brand.
  • Spread information about your personal brand (promotion) among your target audience through coordinated communication channels.


  • Increase your value in the market
  • Increase public engagement
  • Get the loyalty of your target audience
  • Develop an image of a person who is an expert in their field
  • Increase the weight of a person in society
  • Increase your fame and credibility
  • Strengthen your reputation


At DEZA, we develop brands with a focus on marketing. We know how to analyze trends, competitors, products, and target audience. We know how to ask the right questions and talk about complex things in simple language.

Our sessions and intensive sessions are held in the format of a live dialogue with the client’s team. We dive into your business and challenges, listen, share Brand Strategy Consulting Services expertise and ideas, and help you clarify and make decisions.

Business model. Vulnerabilities and growth points

Intensive will be useful for small and medium-sized companies that want to scale or rebuild their business. At the meetings, we will describe your business model, analyze the company’s resources for transformation, and make a complete list of changes for your business model.

At the end of the intensive course, you will clearly understand what needs to be changed in the business model in order to achieve your goals, as well as receive recommendations on how to overcome this strategic gap.

SWOT analysis and development of strategic solutions

Intensive training will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as the opportunities and threats of the market that significantly affect your business. During the meetings, we will formulate strategic decisions at the intersection of external and internal factors, and you will see what options you have in the market.

The first two intensive courses are part of a full-fledged project “Business Model + Strategy”, in which we help small and medium-sized companies develop business development strategies. But you can go through them separately, if you want to work out the further stages on your own.
The topics of the other intensive courses relate to the solution of branding tasks. They can also be ordered separately, or obtained as part of a comprehensive project to create or update a brand.

Strong positioning and detuning from competitors

For companies that find it difficult to clearly answer the question of how they are better than their competitors. At the strategic session, we will jointly analyze Brand Strategy Consulting Services the nearest competitors, study their positioning, values and advantages, and features of advertising communications. As a result, you will receive recommendations for competitive tuning and formulated brand positioning.

Audience insight analysis

During the session, we will structure the company’s accumulated knowledge about the target audience, briefly describe customer portraits, and conduct an insight analysis. The results will help to formulate or strengthen the USP, create effective advertising.

Express Brand Audit

During the session, experts will help assess the current position of the brand according to the author’s Refresh methodology: they will analyze the positioning and semantic foundations of the brand, the sign and logo, visual and verbal components (key images, fonts, colors, tone of communication, etc.). As a result, you will receive clear recommendations for updating the brand.

Brand Architecture

For companies that want to launch a new brand or business direction, but do not know how to integrate it into their brand portfolio. Consultation in the “question ― answer” format, which will help you choose an effective brand architecture for solving your problems.

Marketing consulting

Given the growing competition of the major emerging and developed markets in which RATMIR operates, the ability to successfully represent our partners and client companies, their various businesses and project companies( SPV, SPE), their projects Brand Strategy Consulting Services, developments, investments, and their executive teams and service offerings is becoming increasingly important.
RATMIR’s marketing team covers all major disciplines in marketing, communications and public relations and offers carefully targeted marketing consulting services to our partners and clients in both the public and private sectors, as well as across all asset classes.

RATMIR’s services include:

1. Marketing, communications and Public relations
2. Digital and design services
3. Event Management
Consulting in the field of marketing, communications and public relations

We have an experienced and dedicated marketing, communications and Public Relations (PR) team. The team works closely with our customers and partners to strategize, create, and implement each stage of their marketing plan. From initial strategy development, branding and positioning, audience targeting, creating advertising campaigns, to design, digital services, advertising activities, and production of sales and marketing materials.

RATMIR’s consulting services include:

1. Development of multi-channel strategic marketing campaigns
2. Development of strategic communications and PR campaigns
3. Create all marketing materials
4. Creation of all public relations materials
5. National and international press and media relations
6. Organization of events and exhibitions
7. Website design, search engine optimization and online communication strategy
8. Media planning, buying and placing ads
9. Providing critical communication between our clients and their target audience •
10. Communication of our partners and client messages through:
11. Copyright and Corporate Publications
12. Public Relations management and strategy:
13. Email marketing campaigns
14. Media planning and purchasing

Consulting in the field of digital and design

Digital is the future of real estate marketing and an independent integrated communication channel. Rarely in emerging markets do we find that our partners and customers are harnessing the full potential of digital technologies to increase transparency, increase revenue, increase profitability, and achieve other development goals. We work with our clients to solve these problems and create digital strategies that create a competitive advantage and contribute to the success of the organization and development.

Consulting services include:

1. Designing and creating websites
2. Creating online marketing platforms
3. Development and implementation of electronic mailings
4. Creating viral marketing campaigns
5. Advertising products
6. Online PR campaigns
7. Social networks
8. Search technologies and search engine optimization
9. Movies, Photography, Visual Effects
10. Complete identity of the company, project and brand, including:
* Logos, color schemes, business cards, brochures, flyers and event stands
* Posters, flyers, stationery, corporate gifts and annual report design

Event management consulting

RATMIR provides real estate event and project management services to a wide range of partners and clients, including developers, investors, and professional practitioners. We run both individual events and long-term campaign events. Our program of events covers planning, budgeting, creation, logistics, promotion and full control in accordance with our partners and customer needs.

Consulting services include:

1. Search for venues
2. Planning and implementation
3. Award ceremonies
4. Launch development
5. Launch the project
6. Public exhibitions
7. Press conferences
8. Real Estate seminars
9. Event PR and marketing
10. Branding
11. Graphic design and visual effects

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