What kind of undergraduate courses are popular in Singapore?

Most high-school graduates enter the college or university pathway through bachelors or undergraduate courses. Undergraduate programmes can make you career-worthy and develop the relevant expertise in a specific subject for solving different issues in that field.

Singapore is one of the largest business hubs in the world and contributes a lot to global economic development. Singapore is also becoming an attractive college destination for international students owing to the presence of many reputed colleges and universities and the diversity in course curriculums.

The abundance of career opportunities available to college graduates in the country is another reason behind the popularity of Singapore in academic circles. Here are some undergraduate specialisations that are popular in Singapore.

Pursuing your college life in Singapore can allow you to experience a high standard of living and a plethora of career prospects across diverse domains after your graduation.

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Business and finance as undergraduate specialisations are highly prevalent among international students in Singapore. The primary reason for this might be that Singapore is one of Asia’s biggest capital markets and business hubs.

Many banking and finance MNCs like Goldman Sachs have offices in the city-state. Hence, business graduates get plenty of lucrative career opportunities after their course completion.

Singapore is also home to other business domains such as e-commerce, capital investment, and business management. Interested business graduates can also pursue these off-shoot career domains.


Singapore has several other strong suits such as engineering and technology apart from business and finance. The country is one of the most technologically advanced nations in Asia apart from South Korea and Japan.

As per data released by LinkedIn in 2018, expertise in engineering and technology was among the top ten skills considered by Singaporean employers.

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower also expects the demand for skilled professionals to go up in the IT and engineering domains.

This demand for qualified engineers is boosting the popularity of undergraduate engineering courses among local and international students in Singapore.


Since legal systems are a staple in every country including Singapore, legal undergraduate courses can be a good alternative for you to start your career.

Despite being renowned for a lack of red-tape and bureaucracy, Singapore has its fair share of legal frameworks and arbitration guidelines.

As a law graduate in Singapore, you can choose to pursue a career in corporate and business law, tort, insurance legalities, pro-bono service, intellectual property rights, maritime law, criminal law, environmental law or civil-rights law.

There are many reputed universities and colleges in Singapore that offer good undergraduate programmes in different law disciplines.

Since most undergraduate degrees from Singapore are universally recognised, you can even explore a law career in other countries.

Apart from these courses, you can also consider other bachelor’s degrees in life sciences, data analysis and Big Data, healthcare, language and media studies, and digital marketing.

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