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Hand Car Wash

To own a car is always a better thing at all times. Cleaning your car is as satisfying for owners as cleaning a diamond necklace by a diamond lover. However, for any car enthusiast, it could be much more than just satisfaction. Hand wax car  is a multi-specialist thing for the person, taking care about the cleaning as a chore, as well as detailing like washing, products used in cleaning and many more that are kept in mind.

Maintaining a car either a big or small one requires a primary thing that is cleaning. The shine coming from the body of the car after it is cleaned properly is the twinkle of the eye of every car enthusiast. At this time, waxing your car would be the best thing to do.

Why wax a car?

Well, anything that could protect your possession is extremely good. Still, Best hand wax provides a coat of best quality wax on the car paint itself which will safeguard the paint from fading, discolouring, or even from getting oxidized in any of the climate condition, where the sun and rain playing a major role in the erosion of the car body surface at uncountable places.

Not limited to just protection, the best quality wax applied will give a mirror-like fine shine to the car body surface making it look like it is dropped down from the showroom just the moment you enjoy the glaze of it.

Waxing vs. Polishing-


A car waxing service is nothing but a layer left behind on the car body surface similar to what happens when one is applying nail polish. It actually as by providing a layer of protection on your nails, so waxing provides a layer of protection on the car body surface.

 The wax layer applied is nevertheless, ultimately polished. The purpose of doing so is to make sure that the layer of protection is subtle and concrete, aiding the protection against the UV light inhibitors, rain acid inhibitors, dust inhibitors, and many other physical components guarding elements.


The car polish, on the other hand, is something which allows the use of abrasives.

Abrasives are nothing but material likely a mineral that is used in shaping or finishing up the different materials and objects. In-car polishing it has been incorporated to help in erasing out minor scratches or any swirl marks caused during the vehicle is being run on the road. Polishing is used in such marks or scratches from the car body surface.

A car polish basically comes into use when the paint is dimmed or losing its shine, due to any external environmental factor including the sun, rays, rain, weather or any other factor.

What is better- waxing or polishing?

This has always been a topic to debate that, what is the better option to choose from, waxing your car or to get it polished? Well, the first and foremost thing stood that both are helping in protection of the car surface. Still, many people and experts recommend waxing to be a better option because in many cases it has been found that frequent polishing can cause harm to the surface in the long run, reason being, the use of abrasive which could result in corrosion of the car body surface.

Hence, waxing is better than polishing a car.

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