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What Mulan’s Disney+ Release Means for Black Widow?

Mulan is an American action drama that was set to hit the theatres in March 2020 after its Hollywood premiere held on 9 March 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, its scheduled date of release has been delayed multiple times. On the other hand, Marvel Studio’s Black Widow is an American superhero film that is again delayed to be released in the cinemas due to the pandemic. Black Widow was expected to hit the big screen in May 2020, which was two months after the supposed release date of Mulan.

Why this comparison of releasing dates?

Well, this started after Disney announced the release of blockbuster Mulan on Disney+ and the rumors started spreading for the Black Widow as well. The fans eagerly waiting for the release of Black Widow are asking Disney if Mulan will release on Disney+ then why not Marvel Studio’s Black Widow.

Talking about the two movies, it is quite understandable why Mulan is chosen for streaming over Black Widow.

The whole world has been dealing with the pandemic for months now, as a result of which Hollywood had to suspend its productions and operations at the end of March 2020. This suspension came after the imposition of global lockdown which further compelled families to stay indoors for their safety and health.

Why is Black Widow Not Coming to Disney Plus, But Mulan Iis?

It’s simply about the target audience. Meaning, as a kid-friendly movie, it is equally alluring to adults. This suggests that parents are likely to spend the extra $30 on watching the latest live-action movie for their children. That too, from the safety and comfort of their house.

Anyways, the lethal virus has not left the consumers of cinema with any other option.

Binge-watching a cool action movie with the family, streamed on Disney+ can help forget the canceled summer plans at least for three hours.

Coming down to why not Black Widow? Things are a bit different here. Firstly, Cate Shortland and Scarlett Johansson have a tremendous fan base and the audience will prefer watching these stars on the big screen.

Secondly, Marvel Studio already has a lot of content to be streamed on Disney+ including The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision. This is one of the main reasons why they are not rushing its release.

But looking at the pandemic situation and its graph that doesn’t seem to go down, there could be a case wherein Disney might look into the possibilities of steaming Black Widow as well. For now, hold your breath for Mulan and keep your fingers crossed for Black Widow.

Source:- What Mulan’s Disney+ Release Means for Black Widow

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