What SEO Companies Need To Know About Google’s Latest December 2020 Core Update

Google launched its 2020 Core Update on December 3rd. With this update, there have been many new features added for enabling a better user experience. Since the May 2020 core update, SEO experts have been eagerly waiting for the next update with the massive features. 

Some people even thought that there would not be any update for 2020 due to the Covid19. However, Google broke this conception on December 3rd. Google stated that the process could take about a week for getting the complete update. 

The recently released update is enabled with a wide number of features and considered as the bigger compared to that of the one May 2020 core update. This Core Update also has a major impact on some of the sites leading to the winning or losing situation.

Impact of the update on SEO:

Google announced a new rollout On December 17th, 2020, and then the Broad Core update is complete with adding more features. A recent announcement was mainly made that the update came about two weeks on December 3rd. There have been a wide number of features added in the SERP results in this latest update.

The broad core algorithm in this update was mainly revised with search results so that it would give the major advantage for getting higher quality content. Users will receive only the best quality content from the search results. 

Stale content is the most common issue that many sites have been facing lately. Site making the constant update with the relevant and context of content especially adds the additional impetus. It would also add useful information so that the user could easily search online.

Based on the data retrieved from algorithm trackers, Core Update remains unconfirmed till now. It mainly has created strong turbulence with high extensive search results. The website would mainly face more changes in organic traffic.

Higher SERP fluctuation is mainly caused by Google making many changes to the algorithm, so that it would be easier for gaining more results. Every year, Google will be changing many numbers of algorithms that create massive features. May 2020 update is not relevant to that of the Google December 2020 Core Update. December 2020 Broad core algorithm update will especially add more number of the algorithm update.

Rolling Out The New December 2020 Core Update:

Google December 2020 Core Update is one of the massive updates with lots of new features added to it. It is one of the major updates that are not related to the May 2020 update. Analysts state that this update could enable the 98% rank volatility metric on top results in Google search.

It also mainly beats the 93% metric for the May update. Experts state that the Fluctuations in the top 20 positions have been greatly doubled from 153 to 345. Normally, the rank volatility has been mainly split in between the industries from the first page of the Google search. All the major industries, such as retail, travel, health, and finance, also gained a higher 99% volatility. 

Google December 2020 Core Update for the desktop search would create a higher impact on the search in:

With the previous core, the update started in May 2020 stating that there have been bigger and broad features taking on the rollout. This update mainly enabled a minor impact on the SEOs and webmasters. The recent Google December 2020 Core Update in November also regained the specific to local rankings.


What SEO Companies Need To Understand?

There has been a wide imbalance in the SEOs with this update. Many numbers of SEO experts in the Google Webmaster Help, Black Hat World, and Webmaster World have been stating that they have got hit in May and never recovered.


Google December 2020 Core Update create a higher impact on many numbers of industries that includes:

Don’t forget to use relevant and quality content for better user experience:

To ensure the website content is easily accessible and the ranking of the website stays in the top ranking in the search engine, it is quite important to create holistic content instead of fragmented content. 

By using the Pillar-Cluster format, it is better to enable the content with topics. In this process, Google could easily sense the topical relevancy of content. It could easily create a higher chance of ranking on the website. This is a unique way of ensuring that you could reach more users in the search engine.

December 2020 Core Update rollout is not completed officially. The main reason is that there have been a lot of issues caused by this broad core update. Algorithm trackers have hit a lot of sites with this new update. 

There is also a bigger side in making this massive update on Google. Many sites that are not ranked at the higher position also attained the top position. It is quite a good option for sites with good quality content to gain massive traffic within a short time.

Many numbers of SEO Companies have been looking at this Google December 2020 Core Update would create a major impact. The Google December 2020 Core Update has been broad compared to that of the May update.

The Google Algorithms also especially found that there has been a lot of things have changed due to the Covid19 pandemic. Google December 2020 Core Update created a global rollout and created a great impact worldwide. Many companies have been undergoing massive fluctuations in the SERP. 

The recent Google December 2020 Core Update rollout is quite straightforward so that it would be quite an efficient option for seeing many numbers changes in the process.


Recent Google December 2020 Core Update has been one of the major aspects that mainly received information from the search data companies. Google December 2020 Core Update is quite big as well as substantial. It could also seem to slow down based on the fluctuations, and this update makes the biggest changes in the search engine.

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