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What Should You See In Your Kenya And Tanzania Safaris Tours?

Visiting Africa, especially Kenya and Tanzania will prove to be an enchanting tour experience because of what unique things the continent has to offer to the rest of the world. One cannot dispute the fact that Africa is entirely different from other continents when it comes to presenting its natural splendor and the wide variety of animal species that you don’t find anywhere else. Owner of the big 5, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard, and Cape buffalo, it offers adventurous tour experience that is enjoyed from ground, on animal back as well as from the air. Kenya and Tanzania safari Tours are immensely popular among tourists coming from rest of the world here are a few places of tourist attraction that you should visit at any cost if you are coming here.

Kenya Safari Holidays Tours

Lake Nakuru National Park

The lake is famous for its white and black rhino and you have to drive through Rift Valley Escarpment and witnessing its dramatic landforms. On the way you can also see Lake Naivasha and Lake Elementia while admiring the cliffs and ridges before arriving at Nakuru National Park. Here you can spot lions, hippo and leopard along with the rhinos. If the weather is good you will also find flock of pink flamingos covering the lake waters.

Masai Mara Reserve

Masai Mara is known for its part of the spectacular Migration of the wildebeests originating from Serengeti, Tanzania. There is a massive concentration of games and they would include waves of wildebeest, zebra, eland and in millions crossing the Serengeti rivers and in to the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The Kenya Flying Tours will provide you with a panoramic view of the migration and it is not to be missed for anything else.

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti national park is known for its treeless sprawling savannahs that end at the horizon. It is reported that Serengeti has the largest lion population, more than 3000 of them, in the African eco system. You can also witness groups of elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffaloes. Here you also get the chance to spot cheetah, giraffe, zebra, gazelle, impala, eland and hippo and warthog.

Amboseli National Park

This national park is very near to the Kenyan Capital Nairobi, and a four-wheel drive will take you there. Here you will again witness hordes of lions, wildebeests, cheetah, monkeys, Thompson Gazelle and huge number of bird species. From here you could also see the stunning presence of Mt Kilimanjaro the tallest mount peak in Africa.

Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park are other two notable sightseeing experience you can include in your African safari tours and must plan them in advance to get the best out of the tour.

Kenya offers attractive animal safaris and they are spread wide throughout the country. It could be a 2 day safari or 10 day tour encompassing limited or complete Kenya Best Safari Tours. You have a wide choice of safaris and they could be classic safaris or luxury safaris depending on how much you can afford for the Kenya safari tours. The types of safaris you can book Kenya, Africa will include

  • Walking Safaris
  • Horseback Safaris
  • Cycling Safaris
  • Water Safaris
  • Photographic Safaris
  • Balloon Safaris
  • Air Safari
  • Elephant back safaris
  • Jeep Safari

Depending on your preference you can take any one of them or try many. Classic safaris are the most adventurous as it gives you authentic wildlife experience. For a laid back safari tour you can opt for the luxury variety which consists of pickups at every point and stay at luxury hotels. You could book an air safari in a plane or a balloon safari to take the breath taking view of the Masai Mara or the Great Migration. A photographic safari will provide you the opportunity to spot and observe wild animals form concealed locations. A walking safari will need lots of courage and adventurous minded travelers can opt for them. A horseback or elephant back safari is more suited for the African conditions and will offer a better vantage spot to observe wildlife.

Make your African safari comfortable with Hemingways

While you plan to undertake a Kenya or Tanzanian safari you should also think about booking accommodation near Nairobi, the most favorable launching pad for an African Safari. Hemingways hotel service in Nairobi is one of the best as it provides luxury accommodations in the form of deluxe rooms, with air conditioning, private bathrooms, balconies or terraces, and seating area. spa, free Wi-Fi, outdoor swimming pool, free parking, free breakfast, concierge service etc and is only 9 miles from Nairobi. You can use well equipped kitchenette and dining area, and the restaurant also serves European cuisine, bar services and meeting rooms. the Kenyatta Airport is only 19 miles from the hotel and the Nairobi National Park is only16 miles away. An elephant nursery is nearby and so is the Langata Giraffe Sanctuary. The hotel is well recommended for couples on a honey moon trip laced with safari tour.  It is important that you reserve a comfortable accommodation at the start of African safari tour and Hemingways could prove that particular accommodation. You need to book early to get reservation as it will swell during seasons.

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