What to Do in Evening Desert Safari Dubai? (2020)

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

A well-planned, well-facilitated and well-prepared day out at the Evening Desert Safari Dubai can be extremely enjoyable. It is a popular holiday destination in UAE but not everybody goes for the sand boarding and camel riding. This article will try and explain some interesting things that you can do in an evening desert safari in Dubai.

Red Dune

The Red Dunes is a long and sandy area located in the southern part of Dubai. It is surrounded by other dunes and natural hot springs. During the day camel riding is very popular and you can hire camels for this purpose. You can also visit several shops and restaurants during your desert safari in Dubai.

Camel riding

Camel riding in the desert is very common in the UAE. It is part of the adventure activities. This means you can enjoy a lovely ride on a camel across the sands. The best time to visit this place is from September to April. Camel riding in the desert is very easy because the sand never dries out.

Visit the Al Hajar Mountains. They are world-famous for their sand dunes. You can find two impressive sand dunes, They are open from April to October. The scenery in the Al Hajar Mountains is very spectacular.

Other Activities

If you like to go hiking, you can take a Dubai hiking tour. Dubai has one of the largest desert areas in the world. Many tourists come to explore the dunes. One of the most beautiful Dubai tour packages includes a Dubai hiking tour. Dubai hosts numerous events where they show off their sand dune activities.

You will love the views from the top of Mount Abu Dhabi. If you want to be in the desert, the best time to go there is in the evening. On an evening desert safari in Dubai, you will see sparkling sand, interesting plants and animals and perhaps some strange animals too. On your Dubai evening desert safari, you may also visit the Al Hajar.

In order to get to the Al Hajar Mountains from Dubai, you need to fly to Dubai and then take a taxi or rent a car to visit the mountain. On your Al Hajar tour, you should pay a visit to the Blue Mosque and then visit the tomb of bin Laden. Other things that are worth visiting on an Al Hajar tour package are the bin Laden Tomb and the Al Zafar tomb.

Dubai City

The white sand beaches of the Gold Souk and the casinos at the World can be explored during your Al Hajar tour in Dubai. But if you really wish to experience the nightlife in Dubai, you need to go on an “Evening Enjoyment Tour” which starts from the Al Hajar Mountains and finishes at the Raffles Hotel.

This tour gives you the chance to enjoy the Nightlife in Dubai in the company of the local women. On an evening tour, you will see the dancing beauties of Dubai who will dance till late into the night.

Red-light Experience

A “Red Light” tour is what you will experience during the daytime on an Al Hajar Mountain visit. You will get to see the red-light district of the city. This part of the city is totally populated with people who spend their whole day inside the casinos. A red-light district is completely dark when it gets very early in the morning but lightens up by the time it gets dusk. The casinos are located on the mountainside from where you can simply walk to one of the casinos and spend your whole day inside it.

Al Hajar desert tour

During the day on an Al Hajar desert tour, you will see the green villages of Jumeirah. These green villages are situated on the desert surface and have houses built on them. These houses are small and they have just one room with two to three bedrooms inside them. During night time, you will come across many guest houses, which are completely dark.

If you want to experience a “red light” experience when it comes to a day tour in the city, you should head to Wadi Rum. Here you will come across the largest illegal gold mining camp in the world. The camp houses dozens of people who work day and night for little or no pay. At night they go out on the campsites and light up the town, so that they can earn money by selling lit torches to tourists. You may also encounter other groups of people who will be out camping out on the desert.

During the day on an Al Hajar mountain tour, you will visit the market. Here you will find many food stalls selling foods that are locally made. Some of these foods include dates, olives, pomegranates, olive oil and cheese. At night you will be able to hear music and see people dancing. You should be sure to purchase your food at a local restaurant before you make your way home.


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