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What To Do To Make A Profitable Website Here Are 12 Ideas

Making money from a website or how to make a profitable website is possible in a variety of ways. Although online earning plays a role, today anyone can make a decent profit, so the question arises: is web development dying? This is not about making money from the website, but about how a website is developed. 

Regardless of how complex or simple a monetization method is, it will work if it’s done correctly. Here are twelve of the most common ideas to monetize a website.

1. Online store

Over the past two years, e-commerce has experienced tremendous growth. Globally, it is expected to cross $5 trillion by the end of 2022.

Set up your E-Commerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce to take advantage of this opportunity. You can either launch a side business or extend your physical business.

Amazon does not require you to pass. Just start it to benefit from higher control and no fees. 

Although you may think of e-commerce stores that sell products to customers, that’s not it. The trend of subscription boxes can be joined, or you can look into white label production. 

As a passive income source, you can sell physical items you enjoy making or digital products such as ebooks and printables.

Startup costs will vary depending on the niche you choose, but most stores will require a website and a payment system such as WooCommerce.

2. Dropshipping

Due to its low startup costs and ease of entry, dropshipping has exploded in popularity.

It is possible to sell physical products without keeping inventory. Purchase products after receiving payments from customers.

To minimize shipping costs, it is best to start with small, lightweight items. Jade rollers, vitamin C serums, and acne patches are popular beauty products. As well as fitness items, athleisure clothing has done well. 

A dropshipping website only requires a sales plugin like WooCommerce and a dropshipping supplier.

Ensure that your items are approved for sale. Some payment providers reject supplements and medical items.

3. Personal Blogging

Earning from blogs depends on the niche and affiliate programs, but blogs remain popular for a reason. It is possible to write a blog about anything if you have the passion or expertise.

Some bloggers write personal stories or anecdotes from their own lives. Bloggers often combine their professional work with their brand and build an audience this way. Besides writing about your personal life, you can also blog about a hobby or interest you share with others.

You can get to the front pages of search engines by using search engine optimization (SEO) and topics people are interested in. Ad programs such as Google Adsense and affiliate marketing can then be used to earn money.

You can also turn your blog into a membership site that offers courses and ebooks if you develop a fan base. You can therefore customize and grow a personal blog at your own pace. 

4. Consultancy Website

A consulting website is an excellent way to share tips specific to your profession or experiences in your favorite hobby. 

Provide a resume and highlight your knowledge so others can get to know and trust you. Use testimonials and case studies to show social proof.

Consultations can be conducted in person or online. Alternatively, you can offer self-help courses or ebooks as premium content. 

Put payment buttons on your website so your customers can pay right away.

5. Recipes and food website

After the pandemic, did you start cooking more? Over half of respondents said they had eaten more at home since the pandemic began, and many plan to continue the practice.

Sharing your new favorite recipes and family classics on a food blog lets you connect with people all over the world. You can also take advantage of the recent trend of healthier eating and increasing spice usage and design your food website around these niches. 

Either you can earn from affiliate programs of specific diets, or you can dropship cooking products. It is also possible to create an electronic cookbook to supplement your income. 

To stand out from other blogs, take inspiring pictures of your cooking. Include images of ingredients as well. You can also share videos to help visitors replicate your recipes. 

6. Photojournalism

A portfolio website is a necessity for photographers. With it, you can showcase your work and put yourself in front of customers.

Many WordPress plugins can help you showcase your creative skills. You should include your contact information to attract local customers and links to your social media accounts to gain followers worldwide.

Additionally, you can make money by selling your photos.

Make sure your photographs are high-quality but consider adding a watermark to prevent them from being stolen.

7. Online Courses/Workshop Website

As a side gig, you can sell courses if you have teaching experience or expertise in an in-demand skill. Pre-recorded videos can also be used as passive income. Personalized coaching can also be offered. 

Your course website should include an about page, a summary of each course offered, a price table, and information about your membership program to make a profitable website.

If you plan on teaching a course requiring advanced equipment, you may need it as well. For a better learning experience, you need a video camera and microphone. Think about whether you will need another person to assist with filming or demonstrations.

An online course website can include quizzes, videos, membership services, and allow customers to leave reviews.

9. Affiliate site

We’ve already discussed affiliate marketing. That doesn’t mean it has to be just a small part of your site; it can also take center stage. Affiliate marketing websites typically promote a niche’s products and earn a commission from those purchases.

Affiliate websites need a home page and posts about affiliate products and potential customers’ problems. Post about your favorite shirts from a clothing retailer if you’ve joined their affiliate program.

Encourage visitors to check out your affiliate links with valuable information and quality pictures. 

To avoid violating country-specific regulations, explicitly mention that you are an affiliate of the program in posts with affiliate links. 

8. Career Websites

Since last year, the job market has been erratic and shows no signs of returning to normal. 

Have you had a lot of experience searching for a job? Are you a business owner and know what to look for in an applicant? Searching for jobs online might be the right fit for you so don’t wait and make a profitable website right now.

Focus on smaller industries and groups instead of competing with large platforms. There are many websites dedicated to helping specific types of job seekers. Use your connections in the industry to list hard-to-find jobs. 

Organize your job page into multiple categories to make navigation easier. Cover the legal requirements to avoid being liable for bad faith applicants.

9. Review Website

What’s your favorite thing about shopping? Let other buyers know what you think by writing product reviews. 

Most shoppers read reviews before purchasing a product. Hence, this is a very popular niche.

If you want to come across as an expert, stick to one or two similar categories, such as skincare and make-up or electronics and games. Reviews should include multiple pictures of the item in question and honest feedback that helps the buyer.

If you want to stand out and drive traffic, try adding videos to your reviews. More than half of consumers would like to see more videos on brands’ websites. You can connect with your audience by vlogging.

It’s a great idea to make a profitable website and generate income through affiliate marketing and advertising. In addition, you might receive free samples of your favorite products. 

10. Blog about traveling

2022 will be a boom year for travel blogs. The bookings for January 2022 are twice as long as the bookings for the rest of 2021, according to travel advisor Val Anthony.  

You can try out travel blogs if you have travel plans coming up, even though it requires some time and energy if you have this is also a good idea to make a profitable website. This is a great way to at least cover some of the travel expenses.

Share your experiences visiting new restaurants and local attractions or write about new restaurants you found. Be sure to include plenty of pictures and videos so your readers will feel like they are there. Don’t forget to spread the word on social media. 

Furthermore, current information can help you stand out, as it takes into consideration the latest post-pandemic regulations. You can advise travelers on how to follow the latest guidelines.

Once again, affiliate marketing and ad space are your main sources of income.

11. Tutorials and How-To

Beginners can learn new skills from tutorial websites. Share your expertise on your website with how-tos if you are good at it. 

Creating such a website requires high-quality images that show each step in the process. Additional videos may be necessary for a complicated project. To provide valuable content, you should have a good camera and microphone. 

Whether you write or video your tutorials, you can sell them. You can also offer them for free with ad revenue.

Increase brand awareness by using social media share buttons. 

Functionality is essential. An embedded map with directions or a countdown timer can make all the difference to visitors. Consider creating landing pages for big events. 

12. Website for fitness

Are you a yoga instructor? Do you enjoy working out? If yes this is also a way to make a profitable website for health and fitness.

In 2020, the global fitness and health club market exceeded $99 billion. 

This niche allows you to earn income from anything from membership-only videos to personalized workout plans sent directly to your customers’ inboxes. 

If someone gets injured while following your program, make sure you have clear terms and conditions on your fitness website. You can help your customers gauge your products by making your prices visible and sharing some sample videos.  

You can also use before and after photos of happy clients.

Similarly, the weight loss and wellness industries also fit closely together and lend themselves to side income opportunities. Using diet plans or ebooks that give step-by-step instructions will help you become more visible on search engines.

Lastly, my thoughts

With all the coding prerequisites, it is scary to take that first step to build your website. With WordPress page builder plugins, you can overcome these fears and make a profitable website. All you need to do is focus on building your website.

By using WordPress, you can make your side businesses a reality. Using an e-commerce website, you can monetize a hobby like traveling or designing, or build a whole new business.

Create an idea and decide what kind of site you want. Take advantage of premade website kits to save time and work with a template that suits your business model. 

Create more content instead of focusing on building.

Easily create a fully functional website with drag-and-drop WordPress plugins.


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