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What to Pay Attention to While Swimming in Your Hair System

Summer is around the corner and you must wonder whether you can swim in your hair system. The answer is yes but there are a few things that you need to pay attention to, so that your hair system will not be damaged. Here are some situations that you need to take specific actions to cope with.

The Burning Sun Outdoors

When your hair system is exposed to the burning sun, you need to worry about the oxidation which will dry your hair and turn the hair color to having a reddish tone. So what actions should I take to avoid this?

On the way to the pool or you are doing outdoor activities, you can wear a hat or a headscarf to protect the hair effectively. Also, please remember to use leave-in conditioner which better has UV filter built in before going outdoors or sun exposure.

The Salt and Chlorine in the Swimming Pool

Before jumping into a swimming pool, you need make yourself well prepared for your hair. Do a self-check by asking yourself these questions:


Is Your Bond Ready to Contact Water?

If you wear men’s hair systems for a while and you might have heard of the 24-hour rule. The first 24 hours of a new application of the hair system is very important. You’d better avoid washing, swimming and even heavy sweating during this time. Your hair system bonding needs this period of time to completely work and cure.

Is Your Hair System Tangle-free?

When the hair is wet in the pool, it becomes very vulnerable especially when it is tangled. So before making your hair wet, please make sure to comb through your hair and gently remove any tangles. Better to braid it or wear a swim cap to keep it from tangling in the water. Also using leave-in conditioner can help the tangling condition.


A Very Useful Tip before Going to a Pool

To prevent your hair absorbing too much chlorine in the pool, first wet your hair with Chlorine-free water and use leave-in conditioner to create a layer of protection. In this way, the hair won’t absorb as much salt or chlorine anymore.

If you want to know more or need any assistance on a hair system, please feel free to contact us through and we are more than happy to help you out.

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