What to Wear to Impress Your Love – Expert Tips

“Greeting, I had promised you all that we will be with you at every step until your wedding. So STYL INC is back to styl you for the next step, your courtship. The end of a zesty Sagan is the onset of the fun-filled courtship. I find the courtship period to be really fun. For an arranged couple it’s the time to know each other better and bond. While for the love couple it’s time to smoothly transit from the status of dating to soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Read this blog to know What to Wear to Impress Your Love.

Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, courtship is the time to woo your fiancé. It’s the time when all the girls want to look their best for their man. And as I always say, you look good you feel good! So STYL-INC is here to guide you through some of the best options to woo your man.

So girls you will be going on a lot of dates, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We will break it all down for you all so that dressing up doesn’t stress you out.

Know What to Wear to Impress Your Love


These are the trickiest dates, trust me I know. A lot of girls get confused as to how they should be dressed for it. I mean, you can neither be formal nor too casual. The perfect breakfast styl lies somewhere in between. I prefer keeping the morning date attire light and bright! I like to dress up a little colorful and comfortable.

What to Wear to Impress Your Love at morning breakfast
Curated best for your breakfast dates.

Here are 3 looks curated for your breakfast dates. Don’t be stressed and keep it chic. I would suggest to put minimal makeup and keep your outfit comfy and bright.

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So as we proceed, I prefer my lunch date attire to be slightly towards the formal side. Don’t get confused, we are still between casual and formal. But my lunch date styling would be semi-formally chic. Put on your lovely heels and maxi dresses for a lunch date with your mr. I love culottes, not only are they super trendy but also very comfortable to wear. I’d suggest couple culottes with high heels to add an extra height. Carry a nice clutch, don’t forget to accessorize yourself and you are good to go.

STYL-TIP: Flowly maxi’s work really for those with a little extra curvy bottom.

What to Wear to Impress Your Love on lunch date
Perfect options for a luncheon.


Mr. wants to take your out for a candle light dinner followed by clubbing? Can’t decide on what’s appropriate? I’m sure a lot of girl get confused while dressing up for such an evening. I understand your uncertainty and have for you some outfit suggestion for your fun filled evening date. Dressing up for such evening should be formal and that doesn’t mean that you put your comfort aside. If you’re not comfortable you won’t be able to enjoy a quality evening with your man. These are some the outfits which will make your evening even better. Not only will you look amazing but will also feel comfortable in them. Be it dinner followed by dancing or just a romantic dinner your outfit will be apt for both!

What to Wear to Impress Your Love on dinner zeal
Curated outfits for a dinner date

So girls’ courtship is the time to woo your fiancé again and again. Be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner date STYL-INC has you covered for everything. All you have to do is follow us or reach out to us at STYL-INC and look dreamlike for all your dates. After all Mr. should know what a diva Mrs. – to- be is!

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